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What We Been Playing This Week

Hello and welcome to our first and weekly feature on Gaming Square! Check out what the staff members have been playing this weekend!


Ori and the Will of the Wisps has held my heart captive – I’m not very good at platformers, but this just flows so nicely that it doesn’t feel as brutal.
Also Collar x Malice, because who doesn’t love a nice wind-down game when you’re feeling under the weather?


Dragon Quest XI. Just beat the mural monster thingy. I’m loving this RPG. There’s so much to explore and loads of side quests.


I have been playing Super Mario 3D All Stars, cleared a level on Hyrule Warriors and fallen back into Link’s Awakening. I’ve forgotten how great LA really is and shouldn’t of stopped playing! Psst, just finished LA tonight! (Sunday)


This weekend I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal. I absolutely love this game and have enjoyed every second of my 100+ hours. I highly recommend picking this game up, even if you’ve played the original. The new content makes it feel like a completely new game.

Tune in next week to see what we been playing!

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