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Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Has a Language Error, and Has Already Been Hacked

So, the new Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch released today, and it is filled with loads of cool features. One of them is a ‘Mario Drawing’ song that, while vocalised in English, also displays lyrics in a number of different languages. And there’s an error with that.

According to Nintendo:

“We would like to inform you about an error with one of the digital clock’s 35 little touches in the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system.

Unfortunately, the ‘Mario Drawing’ song (vocalised in English only) that can be accessed by holding the A button, displays an incorrect language’s set of lyrics if German, French, Italian or Spanish is selected from the title screen. English, Dutch and Japanese languages remain unaffected.”

The other bit of news is that while it’s only just been out, the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch has already been hacked.

Hacker stacksmashing has been busy trying to see what makes this device tick:

Of note is that the device loads a Super Mario Bros. NES ROM into the RAM. Meaning someone might be able to figure out how other ROMs could be added in the future. 👀

Source: Nintendo Life

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Updated to Version 9.0.1

The new update concern Steve/Alex from the Minecraft DLC. Here are the full patch notes:

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the opposing fighter destroyed the block.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the anvil created with a down air attack struck the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where the opposing fighter would become uncontrollable when Steve/Alex hit them with a minecart in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where if Steve/Alex’s minecart bounced off the wall, it would not hit the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where opposing fighters carried in Steve/Alex’s minecart would sometimes be warped to the original location where they were picked up.
  • Fixed the issue where certain fighters could go through Steve/Alex’s block once KO’d.

There’s also been a tweak to the victory screen of Steve/Alex, which was of a somewhat suggestive nature…

Source: Nintendo Everything

Unofficial Manual for Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Missing the feeling of going through an actual manual of the game you just bought? Well, buddy, do I have good news for you!

Etsy-seller “MBPUK” has produced a 44 page manual to go along with the recently released Switch game. Containing updated graphics and controls to blend with the new modern 35th Anniversary 3D All-Stars layout!

There’s also a star list, which you can tick off as you go, making sure you never missed a star along the way.

Interested? The manual can be purchased here.

Source: Nintendo Life

New Amiibo for 2021!

During a Smash broadcast Sakurai gave us our first look at several new Amiibo. Banjo-Kazooie, Byleth and Terry Bogard!These are planned for 2021, with no further details on the exact release date.

Of note is the Byleth Amiibo that will only be available as the P1 fighter.

Source: Nintendo Live