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Special Splatfest Announced

The official Splatoon Facebook page has announced a special Splatfest for the 15th of January. This Splatfest will last for 48 hours, ending on 17th of January and ties in to the Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations. Players will get to choose between team Super Mushroom or team Super Star.

Source: Facebook

Nintendo Cancels Splatoon 2 NA Open Livestream

Nintendo held its Splatoon 2 North American Open, though the live stream was cancelled due to “unexpected executional challenges”.

It’s been speculated that this was done since several teams had #FreeMelee hashtags and names. This following the recent cease and desist from Nintendo of the longest running Super Smash Bros. tournament in the US.

The issue Nintendo has with that event was the required “illegally copied versions” of Super Smash Bros. Melee and the use of Slippi Online.

Source: Nintendo Life

Special Halloween Gear Available in Splatoon 2

In a tweet sent out by Nintendo of America, they announced the arrival of special Splatoween gear. Which is perfect for the upcoming spoopy Halloween!