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Sid Redburn and Mikayla Dorn coming to Gears 5

Gears of War twitter account have shared new characters coming to Gears 5 multiplayer.

Sid Redburn and Mikayla Dorn are characters from Gears Tactics. If you already have played Tactics before a certain date back in December you would would receive Gabe Diaz, however.

From the image below:

Those that was unfortunate that didn’t get Gabe could be in look. For current players that have already Gabe, perhaps a new skin? More details to follow.

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Gears 5: The Hivebusters DLC Review (Xbox Series X)

  • Genre: Third person shooter, horror, action, adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X/S/One and PC.
  • Developer | Publisher: The Coalition, Microsoft Game Studios
  • Age Rating: PEGI 18 | ESRB M for Mature
  • Price: UK £14.99 or free with Ultimate Game Pass
  • Release Date: 15th of December

In the first story DLC for Gears 5, we witness the beginnings of Team Scorpio, from their formation to taking the fight straight to the Swarm.


If you haven’t read the Hivebusters comic, this DLC is the perfect introduction to the characters of Team Scorpio and how it came to fruition. We start off with our team in a Condor transport heading to the island of Pahanu, ignorant of what their mission is. This is where we are first introduced to Keegan, a member of the Onyx Guard serving at Azsura; if you played Gears 3, the background lore relating to this character will pique your interest. Secondly we have Lahni, whose personality, family and heritage we learn about over the course of the story. And finally Mac, the foul-mouthed Irishman, whose human side emerges as Team Scorpio develops.

One thing I will hand to the Gears games is the chemistry between all characters. It’s so perfect and believable, yet quite relatable. When the chips are down and backs against the wall, you find this resilience to overcome any challenge, even if the odds are heavily against you.

Three new arrivals join the cast to Gears 5. Fan favourite COL. Hoffman returns, and it’s about god damn time too. (See what I did there? No? Urrgggh, nevermind…) And Hana Cole, daughter of Augustus “Cole Train” Cole. She’s leading the science in this one and will no doubt give Baird a run for his technical know-how too. And lastly, Taka the pilot.

Without spoiling the story too much, Hivebusters is the origin story of Team Scorpio and the development of the venom to kill off the Swarm, spread over a roughly 3-hour campaign – though hunting down the 23 collectibles and upgrading all of your abilities will likely extend this by a fair amount. It’s an action-packed, story-driven plot that ties in nicely to the base game, making Escape (multiplayer) mode both more appealing and easier to understand.

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

Hivebusters DLC is actually quite remarkable looking. Throughout the course of the game you visit a variety of environments, from colourful island vistas to going underground, and even riding a eruption of lave from exploded volcano. It’s pure eye candy, and the Series X handles it like a wet dream.

The sound is top notch with its different type themes, especially being on a island. Not just when fighting against the Swarm, but the wildlife itself, other enemies and of course the new beast you encounter. If they don’t add the new beast as a boss in Horde or Escape, people should riot!

Performance was stable and fantastic throughout.


Just like any game, Hivebusters can get tough on the higher difficulty settings! Of course, you can play 3 player co-op the same as in the main campaign of Gears 5. Certain areas provide a greater challenge, such as one specific section that consists of defending against a wave of Swarm before moving to the next checkpoint. Insane difficulty should be a good ride, but don’t expect it to be a walk in the park.


Seeing as this is the first DLC for Gears 5, the Coalition have done a great job. Believe it or not, I find myself more inclined to pick Keegan, Lahni or Max in multiplayer going forward. Before I wasn’t that interested in them as characters, however the DLC has given us a great trio with rich background stories that you can’t help but relate to. Not only that but I also find myself wanting to play Escape mode more too. The DLC is so good, it leaves you wanting more and I really do hope the Hivebusters gets a further expansion or even a spin-off title of its own.

It’s the best piece of add on content that I have played for sometime. Gears 5 fell a little short after Act 2 in terms of its story, however Hivebusters was hands-down a phenomenal experience throughout.

Gears HiveBusters DLC hits Xbox store 1pm today, Gearsmas kicks off Thursday Dec 17th and what’s inside title update 12?

You have come to the right place for the round up for Gears over the festive holidays. If you haven’t noticed last week The Coalition announced the first DLC for Gears 5, the Hivebusters.

The Hivebusters DLC for Gears 5 launches today at 1pm UK time, 4am PT on the Xbox store. Players can buy it off the store or unless you have ultimate game pass, it comes free.

Gearsmas, the traditional Gears festive holiday season greetings, will be hitting the game Thursday Dec 17th. More information will be shared tomorrow with the full breakdown of “goodies” as the Coalition put it.

Amongst all this goodness for Gears 5. The Coalition will also be rolling out its title update 12 with PvE balancing tweaks and variety of quality of life improvements such as, the large portion of players experiencing crashing.

You can read the whole title update 12 patch notes here.

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Gears 5 HiveBusters DLC coming Dec 15th

The Coalition have announced the HiveBusters DLC coming to Xbox on Dec 15th.

Take control of Scorpio Squad on this suicide mission and bring boots to asses. Earn new achievements adding extra 210 gamerscore.

Gears 5 HiveBusters campaign is available through xbox game pass Ultimate or available for 19.99 pre-purchase.

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The New Day are playable characters in Gears 5

Austin Creed, part of the New Day in WWE have announced the New Day will be playable characters in Gears 5 multiplayer. This isn’t the only WWE superstar that’s in the world of Gears. Dave Bautista is in the game as alternative skin for Marcus Fenix. With the latest Gears 5 update for Series X. Players can also pick the Bautista skin, which is also voiced by him to replace Marcus Fenix.

Source: Austin Creed

Gears 5 gearing up for Season 5

With the Xbox Series X/S launching yesterday worldwide. Gears 5 has been given huge overhaul update because of the Series X.

With new visuals, 120ps, Ray-tracing and better lightning. Gears 5 runs smoother than ever before and is pure eye candy. New game +, Dave Batista playing as Marcus and using any MP skins to use in campaign too. The Coalition had made a great update for Gears 5.

That isn’t all for just the Gears 5 fans. Season 4 is ending and we are about to begin Season 5.

Dizzy and Skorge enter the fray in what is known as, Hollow Storm. More details will be announced from The Coalition and Xbox in due course.

From a personal opinion point of view. Hollow Storm and these characters scream Gears of War 2. I would expect at least 1 map or maybe 2 from Gears 2 multiplayer, either way I’m looking forward to the new season for Gears 5.

Source: Official Gears Twitter