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Dragon Quest XII Teased

The next installment in the Dragon Quest series was teased. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fire will have a darker tone to previous games, more of an “adult” game.

The player will have options, which change the outcome of the game, though how this exactly will play out remains to be seen.

In any case the command battle will see an overhaul.

Square Enix is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release, but no further information was given.

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Dragon Quest Treasures Announced

A new spin-off in the Dragon Quest series! The game will focus on “Erik and Mia’s childhood” and “treasure hunting”. Erik and Mia appear in Dragon Quest XI.

While being an RPG it’s “nothing at all like a traditional one”. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Announced

A new remake of Dragon Quest III was announced. The HD-2D Remake uses the same engine as Octopath Traveler for the overworld, while bringing updated battle scenes.

The game will release simultaneously on home consoles, with a release date to follow.

(Horii also hinted at the re-release of Dragon Quest I and II.)