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Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Characters Revealed

The Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear characters have been revealed to be Isabelle and Tom Nook. Unfortunately, they’ve already sold out.

Both of these characters can be augmented with a sound chip in their paw. One chip plays the New Horizons theme tune, while the other plays 5 phrases of the character.

If you want to be notified when the collection will be back in stock: sign up here.

Source: Siliconera

New Animal Crossing Nook Inc. Controller for the Nintendo Switch

PowerA have announced a new wireless controller for the Switch and it’s… Well, let’s just say Tom Nook would be very proud, as it features a Nook Inc. colour theme.

Features & details

  • Wireless Controller with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology + rechargeable lithium-ion battery: up to 30 hours per charge
  • Two mappable advanced gaming Buttons + Embedded anti-friction rings for smooth thumb stick control
  • Superior ergonomics for hours of comfortable gaming + classic intuitive Nintendo button layout
  • Low battery warning LED indicator + Includes 10ft (3M) USB-C charge cable
  • Officially Licensed for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite + two-year limited warranty – visit PowerA.Com/support

If you’re interested, you can use one here. It will release on the 1st of April 2021.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Animal Crossing Autumn Update Details

The long awaited autumn update is arriving on the 30th of September and with it some spoopy new features! 🎃

Halloween is around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to start preparing. Nook’s Cranny will start selling candy, for just 120 Bells, for you to share on Halloween.

And you can actually grow pumpkins now! These can be used as building materials for DIY recipes. I think stems for these will be for sale at Nook’s as well (the new leafy thing for 280 bells in the previous image).

The spoopy Halloween festival starts on the 31st of October from 5pm and will last till midnight. And Jack will be making his glorious return!

The Nookling app will be getting an update as well, so you’ll be able to use Reactions from your phone. This was demonstrated with a new Reaction called Haunt.

Final bit of information is that the next update is planned for late November, with an image of Franklin and Jingle, hinting at the Harvest Festival and Toy Day. So lots to look forward to!

Nintendo also sent out a tweet that users who download the autumn update will also receive a Ring Con item from Ring Fit Adventure.

Source: Nintendo

Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update 2

Starting 30 July the second summer update of Animal Crossing New Horizons will start rolling out. This update will offer three new features.

First off are Fireworks. Every Sunday in August at 7 PM the skies will be lit up with fireworks. You’ll even be able to use your own custom design as fireworks. Redd will be at the plaza selling raffle tickets for festive items.

Dreaming makes a reappearance after its introduction in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Taking a nap in a bed in your home may take you to a strange realm where you can meet Luna. She’ll offer to take you to another island in a dream and help you share your island as a dream as well. Since it’s a dream nothing is saved and you can explore to your heart’s content.

Finally, an Island Back-up and Restoration Service will be introduced. Switch players who have a Nintendo Switch Online membership will have the option to automatically upload island and user save data to the internet. If your Switch is lost or damaged you’ll be upload to restore your stored save data.

A free Autumn Update is planned as well.

Source nintendo.com