Nintendo to Sell Single Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo of America has just announced that you’ll be able to buy single Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch, starting the 11th of September. (They’re currently sold in pairs.)

You’ll be able to get the left Joy-Con in Neon Blue and the right Joy-Con in Neon Red. Both will retail for $39,99. There’s currently no news on this being sold in Europe as well.

Source: Twitter

Nintendo Bringing the Original Fire Emblem to the West

It’s been 30 years since Fire Emblem was first released in Japan for the NES and today Nintendo announced that the original NES game will be getting a port for the Nintendo Switch. Now we’ll all be able to follow Marth on his quest to vanquish the Shadow Dragon!

Added features to this port include: 50 playable characters and 20 classes, create bookmark save states, fast forward, and the ability to rewind turns.

There’s also going to be a special Fire Emblem Anniversary Edition. This will feature a download code for the game, a replica game box, instruction booklet, a map, replica Game Pak art piece, Nintendo Power collectible, and an art book.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light will release on the 4th of December 2020 and will, unfortunately, only be available to purchase up to the 31st of March 2021.

Source: Nintendo

Free Demo Kirby Fighters 2 Available Now!

For those still on the fence on getting Kirby Fighters 2 for the Nintendo Switch there’s good news! Nintendo has released a free demo on the eShop. That way you can experience the Buddy Fighters Tower and some multiplayer battle as well.

Source: Twitter

Ubisoft Connect Will Support Cross-Play and Cross-Progression. Immortals Fenyx Rising Included!

With Ubisoft Connect the Ubisoft company is aiming to have all its games support cross-play and cross-progression. Cross-play will allow you to play with people on different consoles and cross-progression carries over your save data across platforms.

Further information on their website tells us the following:

Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms. It is the unification and improvement of Ubisoft Club, our loyalty program, and Uplay, our Desktop App, across all platforms. It aims at giving the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each others whatever the device.

All Ubisoft live games and new releases will support Ubisoft Connect services and loyalty program.

On our back catalogue games, you will be able to access Ubisoft Connect services (stats, leaderboard, Smart Intel when applicable), but the challenge system is inactive. As a consequence, we have decided to offer you all the rewards available on these games: you now have more than 1.000 Rewards for free to enjoy!

Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the first games that will support this.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Updated to Version 9.0.1

The new update concern Steve/Alex from the Minecraft DLC. Here are the full patch notes:

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the opposing fighter destroyed the block.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the anvil created with a down air attack struck the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where the opposing fighter would become uncontrollable when Steve/Alex hit them with a minecart in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where if Steve/Alex’s minecart bounced off the wall, it would not hit the opposing fighter.
  • Fixed the issue where opposing fighters carried in Steve/Alex’s minecart would sometimes be warped to the original location where they were picked up.
  • Fixed the issue where certain fighters could go through Steve/Alex’s block once KO’d.

There’s also been a tweak to the victory screen of Steve/Alex, which was of a somewhat suggestive nature…

Source: Nintendo Everything

Pokémon Home Scheduled Crown Tundra Update

There’s a new update scheduled for the Pokémon Home app on both the Switch and for mobile phones.

The update will take place at midnight between this Thursday and Friday and last till 05:00 BST on Friday the 23rd of October.

After this maintenance is complete, players will need to update to Version 1.2 on the Switch and 1.3 on mobile in order to use the software.

Source: Serebii