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Bomber Crew lightspeeds to the next generation in the highly anticipated sequel from Curve Digital and Runner Duck.

Curve Digital and Runner Duck are delighted to announce that the intergalactic crew management strategy game, Space Crew, is out now for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The sequel to the STEAM chart-topping title, Bomber Crew moves the theatre of war from World War Two to the far-flung future with players challenged to fight a conflict on an intergalactic scale. Armed with their own carefully chosen crew and fully customisable spaceship, captains must protect Earth and venture across the galaxy to stave off a new alien threat known as the Phasmids. Check out the launch trailer here: 

“We’re beyond excited that Space Crew is releasing today, to boldly take players past the final frontier and into a galactic land of adventure,” says Jon Wingrove, co-founder of Runner Duck Games.  “With this sequel to Bomber Crew, we took inspiration from some of our favorite sci-fi stories and tropes and we’re thrilled about all the support we have received so far from the community. As a small team of three people, seeing the excitement coming from players across the world as they start playing is a genuine tonic.”

Space Crew is as varied as it is challenging, with aspiring captains having to manage their crew members one-by-one during missions to ensure objectives with ‘minimal’ casualties. Phasmid attacks, black holes, falling oxygen levels, incursions from other-worldly organisms, system failures and more are just some of the challenges crews will have to face head-on, with the AI always ready to chuck something dastardly into the mix. 

Space Crew is available now for PC and consoles, priced at £17.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, with a limited time 20% off discount applied to all platforms so be sure to head to your platform storefront of choice. 

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An Abandoned Train Car Stands Silent in the Woods. Do You Dare Enter?

Five college friends take a post-graduation vacation but when protagonist Saki wakes in the middle of the night to find that her friends have disappeared, she is soon lured to an abandoned train – standing silent, as if it has been waiting for its final passengers to board.

Green Man Gaming and London based development studio Red Ego Games launch their haunting 2D adventure horror Re:Turn – One Way Trip today for PC via Steam and Xbox One (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will release soon across the Halloween period). Offering a twist on the horror genre, players must rely on their intellect and search through time to survive against an unspeakable evil.

Barriers between the past and the present start to dissolve as players delve into a complex mystery, locate their missing friends and unearth the train’s deadly secrets.  Escape otherworldly horrors and unrelenting terrors as players use their wits to tackle tricky puzzles and piece together clues to survive, all whilst holding their nerve with a tension-building original soundtrack. 

Releasing first on Steam for PC and Xbox One, Re:Turn will launch on 14th October priced at £9.99 / $11.99 / €9.99. The game will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks as we gear up for a Halloween release on these platforms.

Key Features:
– Explore an intricate horror story that seamlessly shifts players between the past and present
– Take control of 2 playable characters with totally different perspectives
– Admire the stunning pixel art whilst navigating the 2D side-scrolling environments 
– Experience an original soundtrack that consistently builds tension 
– Be immersed with the minimalist interface so focus never wavers from the action
– Solve grim and challenging puzzles to unearth deadly secrets

About Green Man Gaming:
Green Man Gaming is a multi-award-winning retailer, publisher and technology business in the video games industry. We work with almost all of the world’s best gaming brands and sell games to millions of happy customers world-wide. In 2019 we launched our digital partners program designed to give independent studios and developers more choice, and we continue to expand and reinforce our footprint in LATAM, SE Asia & China.

About Red Ego Games:
Red Ego Games is a London based indie studio of highly experienced and creative professionals who believe horror game making is the perfect union of art and science. At Red Ego, we think playing is one of the most wonderful experiences everyone should have. Red ego Games was founded by Omar Bik, who is an accomplished Producer/Game Designer with over 7 years of experience in the gaming industry.


The Director of BALAN WONDERLAND, Yuji Naka, has given us an in-depth look at BALAN WONDERLAND, discussing some of the characters, gameplay and features we can expect.

BALAN WONDERWORLD is a new action platformer based around the wondrous Balan Theatre. You’ll be helping two young heroes adventure in the bizarre and imaginary land of Wonderworld.

There are 12 different stages and each is filled with traps, tricks and enemies. There are also over 80 customes to find, which give your character special abilaties.

You’ll meet several characters on your journet. Let’s meet our two heroes: Leo Craig and Emma Cole. Leo is 15 years old and a bit of a lone wolf. He’s always trying ot act cool. Emma is also 15 years old and quick to smile, but that’s masking her insecurity.

Other characters include Balan and Lance. Balan is your guide to the weird Wonderland. And Lance traps visitors to Wonderworld inside their own hearts, creating monsters out of their own negativity.

When you first arrive in Wonderland you’ll be at the Isle of Tims. This place serves as hub for Leo and Emma’s adventures, from which they can explore the 12 Worlds Inside Hearts.

The Isle of Tims is inhabited by creatures called: Tim. These creatures are created from the happiness felt by people in the real world.

The more people’s heart experience positive emotions, the more Tims are born. But if people’s hearts become affected by negativity, there will be fewer Tims and it would lead to the end of Happiness Time. And that would be very bad, because the end of Happiness Time means the end joyful memories and emotions…

Tims come in different colours and have their own personalities. And they can aide you on your adventure if you take them with you into the Worlds!

While exploring the 12 Worlds Inside Hearts you’ll be able to collect drops. These drops help Tims grow, change colour and acquire new attributes. For example: red Tims attack enemies, while pink Tims find items.

The 12 Worlds Inside Hearts are born from the hearts of 12 tormented inhabitants of the Wonderworld. Each filled with traps, enemies and challenges.

One of those enemies are shadowy creatures called Negati. They are the manifestations of the worry and weakness in the hearts of the inhabitant whose heart is trapped. They’ll do whatever they can to stop you from completing your journey!

You’ll also find the inhabitants themselves, who have possessed by the Negati. Use your customes and abilities to free their hearts!

And when you succeed in freeing their heart there’ll be a celebration, with a musical number!

BALAN WONDERWORLD supports local 2-player co-op. One player will take on the role of Leo, while the other plays as Emma. Working together allows you to pull off interesting maneuvres, by combining skills and opens new paths!

That was it for this in-depth look at BALAN WONDERLAND. The game is set for release on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Steam.

Source: Square Enix

The weapon-based fighter Samurai Shodown slashes into Xbox Series X/S consoles this winter!

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X make their way to the bloody battlefield!

Check out the brand new trailer here:

From its creation in 1993, the Samurai Shodown series has redefined weapon-based fighting games. 11 years after its previous installment, the series welcomes in a completely new game! Always evolving, the series known for its breath-taking battles and stunning characters has been taken to new heights with amazing visuals and sound design! Pick up Samurai Shodown for either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S!

A message from Samurai Shodown Producer, Yasuyuki Oda:
“The Xbox Series X|S is Microsoft’s most innovative and cutting-edge next-gen console which is ramping up to hit the market soon, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of its massive presence in the gaming community.” 


  • Title: Samurai Shodown  (Japanese title: Samurai Spirits)
  • Genre: Versus Fighting Game
  • Platform: Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S
  • Release Date: Coming this winter
  • Players: 1-2 Local / 2-10 Network
  • Official Site: