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Gaming Square Exclusive: Ryan Hart Interview

We sit down with the legend, Ryan Hart in this exclusive interview. The multi award winning esports player from Tekken and Street Figher is not even scratching the surface on what Ryan has accomplished.

GS: First of all, thanks Ryan for agreeing to do this with us. How have you been? Especially in these unprecedented times.  

RH: Hi, thanks for having me, yes indeed, quite a difficult situation for everyone right now. Just trying to adapt to the new rhythm of life.  

GS: So lets begin, what made you get into videogames?  

RH: Loneliness probably. Despite going out to play a lot, I didn’t have many friends when I was 10 years old. Then when I found a mini cab station with some arcades in it, I started going there quite often. I had a commodore 16 at home and later a Sega Master System but finding the arcade was when gaming started to have a bigger presence both inside and outside the house.  

GS: If I do recall (did my research haha) in 94, wasn’t there was a tournament in central London? Was this the tournament which pretty much started you to go on this journey to where you are today?  

RH: Yes, it was the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo National Tournament sponsored by KISS FM. This was the first fighting game tournament I had ever heard of and has to be one of the first of all time if not the first. Despite losing badly, and I mean really badly hahaha, this is inevitably what started my tournament roller coaster.  

GS: Of all the tournaments you have entered and won. Which tournament win really sticks out for you and why?  

RH: There are a lot of standouts for me so its always a hard question. I think winning Final Round 17, the first ever Capcom Pro Tour Premier event was a good one. I became the first European player to win a Major on US soil, which also helped the European scene to be more confident when travelling abroad.

GS: You have had some fierce rivalries over the years. Who would you say was the toughest opponent you have come up against, plus did you learn something new which stays in your game today perhaps?  

RH: I usually feel that if I play my absolute best, nobody has a chance but I’m also aware of my own vulnerability as well. So, I’d say it’s always a battle against myself to be honest. Being able to bring my absolute A game is always the biggest challenge I have. To that end, I’m probably my own biggest rival. There are lots of good players out there, and I feel like these opponents have helped me learn to develop different areas of my style and different forms of expression.  

GS: What’s the best advice would you give to current and new players into fighting games?

RH: There are tons of fighting games out there, so take time to find the one you enjoy the most, fighting games take time to get good at, so its best to pick the one that gives you the most fun. Once that’s done, try and join your local community that play your game and meet people to increase your community circle. Play as much as possible, the more you play, the more you can learn, this is really important.  

GS: Fighting sticks. I have a cheap one myself known as Venom, and its pretty good too and not breaking the bank either. Which fighting sticks do you recommend?  

RH: Right now, I’m using the Razer Panthera, I enjoy using this stick for both 2D and 3D games.

GS: The UK scene, can it be better? I feel we are miles behind of that of the US, Japan for example.  

RH: That is just a misconception, US and Europe are both very strong. Japan are still the best country on the planet on Street Fighter, but Europe aren’t behind NA on Street Fighter and Tekken in my opinion. NA just has more eyes on it and they have more events than Europe but there definitely isn’t a massive gap.      

GS: Do you like commentating? How was the transition. Do you feel more pressured than you would playing?  

RH: Commentary is fun, it is a loose form of playing, you can still exercise your mind about the match details and talk as if you were thinking in the match yourself. I enjoy the opening to share my thoughts with a learning audience, I’m very happy to share while making the match exciting through commentary.  

GS: With new consoles coming soon and obviously the fans probably be wanting news on the new tekken and street fighter etc. How did you feel when both Namco and Capcom revealed more content for their retrospect game?

RH: I for one wasn’t exactly surprised but also glad, hyped that we are getting more content.   For me its strange people already want a new game when they haven’t even maximised themselves on the current game. A new game comes out and before long they want a new one again. The main problem is some players don’t know what they want, so no game is ever enough.   People also don’t realise they probably won’t get the game they are expecting anyway, so may as well enjoy what we have now. New does not mean good, or that you will like it, people often forget that.    

GS: Lastly, what projects have you got going and what is install for Ryan Hart in the future?  

Nothing I can share right now, but there are some fun plans in the pipeline so stay tuned to my social media.

We hope you enjoyed the interview with Ryan Hart. You can follow Ryan here on twitter.

We greatly appreciate Ryan for agreeing to doing this interview.

Ubisoft Forward September 10th

Ubisoft have revealed the second Ubisoft forward show on September 10th.

The stream kicks off with a pre-show at 11:00am PDT with news from games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Brawlhalla and more. The main show kicks off at 12:00pm PDT with more details on Watch Dogs Legion, Hyper Scape and more surprises awaits.

When logged into your ubisoft account, you can earn ingame rewards by simply watching the stream just like the last Ubisoft forward show.

Source: Ubisoft Forward

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League revealed

Rocksteady’s new game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been revealed at DC Fandome.

The game will be 4 player co-op online or you can play singleplayer with the rest of the team filled by bots. Amanda Waller has planted bombs inside the heads of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and Captain Boomerang. Their goal is simple, kill the justice league and earn a pardon. Superman turns up, their primary target, but something doesnt seem right.

At the start of the trailer which will be able to view below. The game is set in metropolis, and burning in the background is brainiac’s ship. In my opinion, something sinister is at foot and I think killing the justice league isnt going to be the top agenda.

Gotham Knights announced

A new batman spinoff videogame called Gotham Knights has been announced at DC Fandome yesterday. The game is heading to PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X according to their official website.

Players won’t be playing as Batman this time around. You will be playing as 1 of 4 characters – Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. Below you can read what the game is about with screenshots, trailer and nearly 8mins of gameplay footage.

“Batman is dead. A new expansive, criminal underworld has swept the streets of Gotham City. It is now up to the Batman Family; Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin; to protect Gotham, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals. From solving mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the city’s history to defeating notorious villains in epic confrontations, you must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save the streets from descent into chaos.”

“Gotham Knights is an open-world, action RPG set in the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet. In either solo-play or with one other hero, patrol Gotham’s five distinct boroughs and drop in on criminal activity wherever you find it.”

Source: Gotham Knights official website

UFC 4 Review (PS4)

  • Genre: Fighting, MMA
  • Developer|Publisher: EA Sports Swiss Sarl
  • Age Rating: PEGI 16 | ESRB T
  • Price: UK £59.99 | US $59.99
  • Release Date: 14th August 2020

No review code was provided. This was purchased by myself, and my full opinion based on a full comprehensive playthrough.

I’m a big fan of MMA in general. I follow UFC, Bellator and of course Cage Warriors which is by product of UFC for the UK MMA scene plus many more. I have played all the UFC games going back to when THQ were behind the gloves. This is the fourth entry from EA with the UFC. Lets find out if UFC 4 stands the 5 rounds with me eh?


UFC 4 does have a career mode which all fans of UFC will mostly be putting their skills to the test. Just as of late with other EA Sports games, the career mode does have acting from your trainer. Even you’re very own created fighter has a voice, bar that be a few words, but its still something I guess! Career mode will see you rise from the amateur leagues to the glitz and glamour that the UFC has to offer. If you lose your opportunity to sign a Dana White contract with his contender series, you can opt to fight in the WFA until you earn another attempt at the UFC. Once you are in the UFC, you fight, get ranked and earn the chance to fight against the champion of your chosen weight divison.

You can cause rivaliries with other fighters causing the hype to increase. Via hype, you can earn more money and fans too. Create your very own rivalry such as the famous ones like: Liddell vs Ortiz, Lesnar vs Mir, Mioic vs Cormier (literally just finished this wekeend gone at UFC 252) and more.


UFC 4 gameplay is spot on. Each button is easily mapped out on the corresponding buttons. Like any fighting games, practise makes perfect which still applies here. Regardless of saying that you can just pick up and play. EA are still little short on the ground and pound game, its never been their strongest point. Throwing punches and leg kicks are just as fluid and great as per usual. The transitions are better, fluid and precised too. Going from half guard to side control to even say top mount is easy to pull off. Defending from these transitions can be daunting at first, but you really have to watch your stamina to be even able to successfully get out of those tricky situations. Of course you can KO them out, TKO, submission or simply win by points. With all the different fighting styles at your disposal, you can really create something unique with your fighter. Experiment, explore and have fun.

To improve your skills, simply keep landing the moves on the opponent to improve say, superman punch, spinning elbow, roundhouse kick etc. It’s level is a 5 star tier rating system per move. The more you use the move, the better it becomes. You earn evolution points from training in career mode. These points will allow you to upgrade your health such as chin, recovery. Compared to previous UFC games, this system works and is a welcome change too.

With the more simplified controls this time around. Submissions are more easier to pull off, especially to newcomers. When you do submit someone it is a great feeling, like a one punch KO never gets old either.

Graphics, sound, performance

The visuals are quite good and this shows once you are in the Octogon. However the fans look nasty for a game such as this, but then again, EA hasn’t always been great in this department and a few fighter likeness look half arsed?

It can let it down really, which is kinda of weird and disappointing. Some fighter likeness is spot on whilst the rest is a mix bag of fruit. Maybe upcoming patch could fix this issue perhaps. The rest of the game is rather good in the visual department and continues the eye candy which EA have done with this game and previous instalments.

Each hit with a punch, kick or takedown is accurate with the sound and not something out of a comic book. When you land a punch for example, KO material let’s say. You can hear it connect which does makes you go woooah! UFC 4 does come with licensed tracks such as eminem with godzilla, which I play all the time or a bit of Stormzy. The usual UFC themes are also in the game and lets not forget Bruce Buffer, the voice of the Octogon. Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik are the commentators this time around as Joe Rogan hated his experience of doing voiceover work.

To be honest I haven’t actually come across any bad framerate or glitches, freezes etc with my time with UFC 4. Sometimes when you are in the mix of it when fighting, it does however become slightly choppy for a brief second and rectifies itself and you can happy continue pummeling your opponent into the ground. Overall its a well presented game, not being something it isn’t and just sticking to what the UFC does best.


You can select which difficulty you can play on. I played on roughly hard for me personally. I like a challenege to feel at any moment you could win or lose, or have a massive battle and come out victorious. If you want a true authentic experience, the harder difficulty settings is what you want to opt for. Please bare in mind, the AI is clever and damn right outrageous at times. Watch your stamina, and I would improve your health skills to max via those evolution points you earn in training or hit a new level with a certain move.


Overall, UFC 4 is a good game. With career mode that can get stale over a period of time. You do have fight now, online and blitz mode to play around with. The online netcode seems pretty stable and I havent expereinced anything bad just yet. If your preorder the game you will receive Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to be playable in the game. To me that screams out a new fight night, as there is definitely a market for it! UFC 4 boasts a huge roaster of fighters with the list of weight divisions at its disposal, so you can always go into career mode and play in different weight divisions.

With no other MMA games on console other than UFC. It will provide many hrs of enterainment and fill that fighting game needs which is true to the sport.


A great fighting game and keeps true to the sport. The simplified controls is a welcome to newcomers to the MMA world of UFC on consoles and not feeling daunted by the complexity which this game has to offer. If you want fun and be able to fulfill that long awaited match been Joshua and Fury thanks to a preorder bonnus. UFC 4 is exactly what you need!


Gaming Square Exclusive: PND Mustard interview

We sat down with PND Mustard, known as Jake Neal. Mustard and his brother Ketchup are known for pro commentating on Mortal Kombat and even competitively. We asked questions to Mustard which we hope you all enjoy!

GS: Hey guys thanks for allowing us to speak you. How you both been in these unpredecented times and what been doing to keep yourselves busy?

M – I’ve been well thanks! Despite being in lockdown due to covid I’ve been able to keep creating content and commentating events from home so I’ve had no problems keeping busy.

GS: So, lets begin. What got you pair into fighting games in the first place?

M – Mortal Kombat was our first FG we ever played as kids, but we did play things such as Tekken 2 and Street Fighter EX2+ and Killer Instinct, though we were definitely mainly MK kids, MK9 was the first Fighting Game that got us into competitive.

GS: Personally for me Mortal Kombat was like, wow! When I saw it for the first time on the megadrive for example. I couldnt fathom what to say. What made you guys fall in love with MK, what was so special about it compared to other fighting games at that time for you both?

M – To be honest MK was just the most fun for us, the visuals, the audio, the characters, we just found it really cool overall.

GS: You guys played it competitively, how was the transition from pro competitors to pro commentators?

M – Going from pro player to commentator wasn’t as hard as we initially thought but it was still a change, the main thing for me was how your outlook on your gameplay changes, you’re no longer playing to improve as a priority you’re ultimately just trying to learn so you can equip that information on commentary, however we also started grinding as content creators around the same time so that really helped things too

GS: Whats your opinion on the FGC today compared to 10 years ago?

M – The scale of things is the biggest change from 10 years ago to now, everything is bigger/more more players, more tournaments, more money, more games, everything has just been dialed way up, which is great in my opinion as it shows much growth.

GS: From MK9, MK10 to now MK11. I personally feel the NRS scene/community has grown. Do you feel the tournaments has continued that growth?

M – You can basically take my previous answer and apply it here, everything is just bigger and in higher number, one big change for the nrs scene however was the netcode improvement to MKX, ever since then the online experience has been useful for players to improve and make a name for themselves in online tournaments, which definitely helps in the grand scheme of things.

GS: I have to applaud you guys with Hyper Combo. Seeing as we are all local, it was great to finally come out and experience what you guys were cooking. How do you feel about HC? And what’s the latest on the HC front and will we see it returning anytime soon be that online other than local?

M – Hyper Combo has been one of my proudest achievements in the FGC and it certainly isn’t only my doing! We have a great team of dedicated organizers and regular attendees that make it what it is. We always have plans to make things bigger and better though things have hit a standstill until things become safe to do again due to covid. But we’ll be back eventually absolutely.

GS: If you can, whats your favourite MK games to the least favourite?

M – I’ve always found it hard to pick my specific favorite MK, but more often than not I lean towards MK9, it’s just fun to play and has such a special place in my heart for how much I enjoyed it and what it meant to my progress as an individual in the mk world, MK9 and MK Shaolin Monks are my two favorites!

My least favorite is MK vs DC, to this day the only MK game that I actively do not like playing at all.

GS: Lets talk about the new MK movie! From a fan perspective Im sure they will get things right and of course there always be one that will hate it because it hasn’t stay true to the lore. What do you guys reckon?

M – I think it’s too early to tell what the MK movie is going to be like, we can speculate but it’s easy to set up false expectations or apprehensiveness, I’m just keeping an open mind and looking forward to seeing it, the cast is stellar so I’m optimistic, but we all know how videogame movies often turn out. I guess we’ll see!

GS: Moving to Injustice, another cracking game produced by Netherealm. Injustice 1 set the bar, Injustice 2 exceeded by miles, especially competitively. Can we see Injustice 3 going to a place where perhaps MK11 fell short of doing?

M – To be honest I disagree with the wording of this question, Injustice is a solid fighting game franchise and offers something completely different to MK, but that also means that it won’t have the same appeal universally and vice versa. MK11 continues to be one of the best selling and heaviest supported games NRS has ever made, as Injustice 2 was before it. I think it’s less about picking up where games slip up and more about the ongoing continuation of growth from game to game. That being said I actually don’t know if I think that we’ll be seeing Injustice 3 soon, NRS have said many times they want to break the cycle of a new game every two years and this could definitely be the case from what we’ve seen.

GS: What characters would you like to see Injustice 3 that haven’t been in the series yet?

M – I’m not Sure huge DC guy so my character requests haven’t always been so heavy, but I’m a big batman fan so I’d LOVE to see Mr Freeze, Clay face, maybe Judge Dredd as a guest due to the comics link? Could be cool!

GS: Going back to the UK FGC scene. As a whole, do you think more can be done to make it as popular like it is in America, Japan and S.Korea?

M – I think the UKFGC is doing just fine honestly, you have to remember that the UK is absolutely tiny in comparison to North America/Asia, considering the UKs size as a country I think the scale of things is more than healthy, VSF remains to be the biggest tournament in Europe, almost every fighting game out right now has at least one tip level player from the UK with impressive results and the community overall is great, always growth is nice but I don’t think the UK has anything at all to worry about.

GS: Where can we keep upto date on what you guys are doing and is there any future projects you got going on?

M – Social media is the easiest place to find us! Twitter @PNDMustard @PNDKetchup We’re always staying busy in the content space so we’ll always be around!

We greatly appreciate Jake for doing this. You can catch Mustard and Ketchup on twitch too!

We hope you enjoyed the read. Expect more content from Gaming Square, stay tuned!

Control Ultimate Edition Annouced and no free upgrade to PS5 & Xbox Series X with the standard copy

Control Ultimate editon has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Steam will be getting the game first on August 27th and the 10th of September for the rest of the platforms.

If you own a copy of Control and all the expansions, you wont be getting the free upgrade to PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

According to their FAQ on 505 games, this is what it says.

“Will Control Ultimate Edition give me access to Control on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5? We will offer a free next-gen digital upgrade for those who buy Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information on eligibility, stay tuned to our website and community channels.

“What if I purchased the original version of Control previously? The free upgrade path to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version of Control is only available for Control Ultimate Edition.”

Source: Eurogamer

Halo Infinite delayed 2021

343 Industries has today confirmed Halo Infinite will be delayed till 2021. Announced via their twitter, they want to make sure the team has adequate time to deliver a Halo experience that meets their vision.

With the gameplay footage reveal last month. Halo Infinite got off to a rocky start with the public via its visuals. It has came to no surprise that Halo Infinite would get the inevitable delay. As Microsoft are definitely pushing the worlds most powerful console envelope, another dink in the release window with a game to really show off its capabilities come launch.

Source: Halo twitter