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FIFA 21 Review (Xbox One)

  • Genre: Sports, Football
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Developer | Publisher: EA, EA Sports
  • Age Rating: PEGI 3| ESRB E for everyone
  • Price: UK £59.99| US $59.99
  • Initial Release Date: October 6th (Ultimate & Champions Edition) 9th of October Standard edition.

FIFA 21 was purchased by myself. This review is a full comprehensive review on the Xbox One. This review will be updated when the Xbox Series X launches.


FIFA 21 is FIFA 20. When I first put the game into the Xbox and playing the traditional opener between two European juggernauts of football. I thought, ok, let’s see what this game has in its locker before the Series X/S and PS5 launches next month. From kick off, it was screaming FIFA 20 straight away, yet felt good…. A new game then that’s been reskinned for the season ahead.

The major difference in terms of gameplay you would see more in FUT. No fitness items or training cards are in the game. A welcomed addition and all you have to worry about is contracts and injury cards to use. Squad battles is a brilliant mode in FUT where players such as myself can test myself against the AI, build my team before heading into division rivals to claim all bragging rights.

Career mode has also had a substantial update, which has been neglected quite a bit since FUT has gained the foothold of the most played mode. Interactive match sim is for those that want to control everything from a managers perspective. It isn’t quite Football Manager, though it provides more a overall control over your team. A new overhauled player development giving players more precise control, by selecting which areas you want them to improve suiting your playing style/tactics.

Player conversion positions is a new feature which is very good. Being able to learn players into new positions can benefit you in the long run. Changing CAM to a winger or into a ST. CB into a CDM or cover the wings, its a great addition which will change the way you will use the transfer market when looking to buy players.

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

Player likeness is always a strong point for FIFA. In comparison to PES, PES edges it in terms of player models in my opinion. All teams getting their new kits and players getting their own likeness into the game such as Nicolas Pepe at Arsenal for example.

The sound i.e the music has always been good on FIFA games in general. Probably hasn’t been awesome since the days of FIFA 97 to 99 with songs such as Blur Song 2 and Fatboy Slim.

Performance wise I haven’t experienced anything too bad as of yet. The usual FIFA Logic being bellowed at the game hasn’t happened yet. In modes such as online and pro clubs is where that swear word will be used quite often. Against the AI on career mode or squad battles hasn’t been bad at all, so top notch thus far.


If you fancy a challenge then I recommend playing at World Class and upwards. Professional setting is a good benchmark to improve defending before increasing or players online. Obviously going against players online is a different kettle of fish than the AI. The uncertainty on what the opponent will be like can in turn change how you tackle that individual match/game. I wouldn’t bother playing on semi pro or below as you will end up turning off because it’s boring, rather simple really.


If you are expecting a new fresh experience then you will probably feel quite disappointed. FIFA 21 will be brought more under the spotlight when the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 launches to see where the envelope can be pushed which in turn makes the release of FIFA 22 even more exciting. FIFA 21 continues what the FIFA games have always provided. Plenty of football to sink many hours into with your mates, on your own and drink beer. Updated player transfers, new menu layouts, updates to career mode and FUT there is plenty that FIFA 21 is new. I wouldn’t wait till the new consoles launches. Get it now and start building your team on FUT or become the Sir Alex, Arsene Wenger of career mode.

When we signed Thomas Partey on deadline day. I went ham on the Arsenal website and got both home and away kits including my daughters first Arsenal kit, I rather support my club! FIFA 21 is exactly the same. The excitement of playing a new football game is brilliant and gets you pumped for the season ahead.

What we been playing this week!

Welcome to our third week of what the staff here at GamingSquare have been playing this week. Share with us what you have been playing too in the comments below!

Super Widzy

I have been playing nothing but FIFA 21 when the Ultimate/Champions Edition launched on Tuesday. I just need Aubameyang for my FUT and I will be on my way!


I’ve been playing ACNH… Look, I’m very committed to getting those decorations right! Also, some Pokémon Shield to fill up my Dex.


I’ve been diving back into Animal Crossing New Horizons in search of a perfect Halloween costume! Lady Detective, or Lavender Mage – I can’t make my mind up, but there’s plenty of time until the spookiness begins!


I have been playing Star Wars Squadrons with intermittent bouts of Super Mario Bros. 35 and Alien Isolation.


This weekend I’ve been playing Stories Untold, an interesting and eerie collection of intertwined stories that end in tragedy.


Been playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth mainly and also continuing to decorate on ACNH of course.

Gears Tactics has now gone gold for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

The Coalition and Xbox have announced Gears Tactics has gone gold for all Xbox consoles, releasing November 10th.

Players who pre-order Gears Tactics or play before December 9th will recieve thrashball Cole as recruit with rare abilities.

Tactics will also come with new achievements bringing the overall score to 1400 total gamerscore. As fans will know with previous Gears titles, they always release new updates including new achievements.

Alongside the new achievements, Nov 10th will also see a big update for the game. Jack will also be included as playable character bringing all new skills and turning the tide against the Locust.

Source: Xbox Wire

What we been playing this week!

Hello, once again another week of what we have been playing this week!


Been playing a bit of Star Wars Squadrons and Super Mario 3D All Stars. Great games!


This week I’ve been playing Man of Medan. I really enjoy the fact that your choices can effect the fate of the characters.


ACNH: Pumpkins! Really loving this new feature and I’m starting to decorate the island for Halloween. PKMN Shield: Getting ready for the Crown Tundra. I’m really looking forward to it!


Animal Crossing: Loving the Halloween stuff, getting the island ready for the party. Nexomon Extinction: Playing with the newest patch, loving the story and Mons.


What I’m playing this week: Star Wars Squadrons with intermittent bouts of Super Mario Bros. 35 and Alien Isolation.


Ys Origin has taken up my week, and deserves it! It’s a simple but addictive game that shows everything good about the genre (except cutscene graphics). What free time I’ve had has gone into Collar x Malice, a visual novel with a cool premise and interesting cast of characters.

Share with us what you been playing this week in the comments below!

New Season heading to Tekken 7

Bandai Namco have revealed a new season pass heading to Tekken 7. This fall, new character Kunimitsu joins the fight. Check out below footage of Kuni in action, plus new stage Vermilion Gates.

Source: Tekken

What We Been Playing This Week

Hello and welcome to our first and weekly feature on Gaming Square! Check out what the staff members have been playing this weekend!


Ori and the Will of the Wisps has held my heart captive – I’m not very good at platformers, but this just flows so nicely that it doesn’t feel as brutal.
Also Collar x Malice, because who doesn’t love a nice wind-down game when you’re feeling under the weather?


Dragon Quest XI. Just beat the mural monster thingy. I’m loving this RPG. There’s so much to explore and loads of side quests.


I have been playing Super Mario 3D All Stars, cleared a level on Hyrule Warriors and fallen back into Link’s Awakening. I’ve forgotten how great LA really is and shouldn’t of stopped playing! Psst, just finished LA tonight! (Sunday)


This weekend I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal. I absolutely love this game and have enjoyed every second of my 100+ hours. I highly recommend picking this game up, even if you’ve played the original. The new content makes it feel like a completely new game.

Tune in next week to see what we been playing!

Drop a comment below and share with us what games you have been playing.

Football Manager 2021 heading to Xbox.

Sports Interactive have announced Football Manager 2021 is coming to the Xbox One, Series X/S and be known as the Xbox Edition.

This is the first time Football Manager will be coming to the Xbox since its last outing on the Xbox 360 way back in 2007. The Xbox Edition has been fully optimised with the Xbox controller, allowing players to carry on your save file from your Windows 10 PC via Microsoft’s Play Anywhere.

FM 21 is releasing on Epic and Steam November 24th. More info incoming for the iOS and Mobile touch version, whilst Nintendo Switch will receive FM 21 in December.

Source: Football Manager/Sports Interactive

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Review (PS4)

  • Genre: Skateboarding
  • Developer|Publisher: Vicarious Visions, Activision
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 | ESRB T
  • Price: UK £39.99 | US $39.99
  • Release Date: 3rd of September 2020


If you played the games back in the day when they were released on the playstation 1. Old memories will soon come flooding back. Doing obscene tricks and getting the special trick meter upto max is always a killer feeling, especially landing a kickflip superman into the bowl to bs revert.

Everything is exactly the same as Pro Skater 1 & 2 in terms of the Skate tours. Each map has been given the HD lick of paint to today standard’s and continues the each map objectives from high score to collect S-K-A-T-E and get the secret tape etc.

You also have numerous of challenges to complete across many scenarios. Such as Skater challenges, combo, multiplayer, skate park and create-a-park challenges. Gain even more extra kudos via the rookie challenge complete collection to veteran and legend. These challenges will be completed as you naturally progress through the game anyways, so dont feel as if you need to finish all the challenges straight away.

Graphics, sound and performance

The whole game visually is stunning. I guess being a big fan of the games back in the day does help, especially with the nostalgia this game brings with it. Having returning skaters and looking like their present day selves is awesome, and shit Caballero is looking old haha.

One huge highlight of the Pro Skater games were the tracklist that accompanied it. From Goldfinger- Superman to Rage Against The Machine, Anthrax and Papa Roach plus many more great songs. I guess for me personally, the Pro Skater games got me more into punk songs, though I already liked Rage Against The Machine, Anthrax for example. Sound in this remaster of both games is top notch, nothing to argue or critique here.

Performance wise of the game I have had no issues. I did or shall I say expericened some glitches now and again, like falling through the map when I landed my melon grab or somehow wallride into oblivion. Again, I wasnt really bothered when these happened in all honesty, I kinda laughed more than going oh for fuck sakes here we go again haha.


Its a massive nostalgia trip for me this game. I can remember playing it to death and got really good at it, well I thought I did haha. I guess my love for the game grew even more when I got into skateboarding and spending most of my nights after school skateboarding around with friends and finding spots where we would attempt to do the tricks and outragoues stunts, no not Jackass, though that kinda happened too…

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2 is a must have game in your gaming library. With all returning characters and even more skaters added such as Riley Hawk, Tony’s son, its a great time to hop back in and see where it leads you. I didnt realise how quick these games were, but you didnt really play to finish it and not touch it again. I spent far too many hours into the create-a-park feature, and always increasing my overall score on per level. Plus, always coming back for that epic tracklist too.


If you are in need of a kick in your life, get Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2, you wont regret it. Remember, wear your helmet, kneepads and dont try this at home as we are all got older when we originally played this. I’m glad Tony Hawk game has gone back to its absolute best and not like that last shower of shite, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5….