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Fifth DLC campaign for Borderlands 2 now available on Switch. Does this mean Borderlands 3 heading to the Nintendo Switch?

The fifth DLC for Borderlands 2 is now available on the Switch and it is free for Switch owners of the Legendary Collection or Handsome Collection.

However, you must claim it until December 3rd.

Commander Lilith and the fight for Sanctuary is all about prepping for Borderlands 3. Sanctuary is under seige, the vault map stolen and a toxic gas poisoning Pandora. With this DLC being made available to Nintendo Switch owners. Does this mean that the Nintendo Switch will receive Borderlands 3 at some point?

It clearly seems it may well happen. When? That’s another question. With next gen consoles launched, Gearbox Software have made Borderlands 3 to be play on next gen with a season 2 pass, see below.

Share us your thoughts below!

Source: Nintendo News via Switch

IO interactive new project 007

IO interactive, makers of the Hitman series have a new project, 007.

According to the official James Bond twitter account. Project 007 will feature a original James Bond story earning the 00 status.

Source: IO Interactive

Dirt 5 Review (Xbox Series X)

  • Genre: Racing
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X/S/One, PS4, PS5 and PC.
  • Developer | Publisher: Codemasters, Koch Media
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 | ESRB E for Everyone
  • Price: UK £54.99 | US $59.99
  • Release Date: 6th of November

Dirt is back. Drifting into the next generation, a taste of what is to come?


Dirt continues the slick, arcade Rally, Rally Cross and other off roading racing in Dirt 5. The gameplay is what you expect in these games. Throttle down, blip the brakes and become acquainted with the handbrake. Drifting is somewhat a staple for all racing games to pull off. With the lush visuals which I will get onto later in the review. Performing a drift in the mud, gravel, concrete whatever terrain you are plowing over 100mph, never fails to excite. As like any other racing game. Dirt 5 is a nice simple game to pick up and play whenever you want.

You have many different type of racing to be had. Some are fun, some are tedious and then one is good, yet so down frustrating. Added to the fray in Dirt 5 is driving on ice. This gives a new complete dynamic where as before you would just floor it and hope for the best. However, driving on ice is a short lived feature. With grip being non existant, players must think carefully, and getting those lines right. To counter that, you could just use the other cars to help you…

Not only do you have career mode and online. You do have playground mode which will allow you to create your very own track or play the 100s of other tracks made by the community. Some of these creations are quite amazing to be honest and even very hard! The actual editor controls are quite easy to use and make a track straight away. With a little dash of imagination, anyone can make a superb track and have fun and become the next Ken Block.


If you are new to racers or specifically what Dirt 5 has to offer than the norm. The difficulty can vary on the player. For me personally I play on hard or sometimes very hard if I am fancying it. I like the challenge and it also proves what mettle you have. Can you rough it up and push you’re very own limits to the max to win? Sure, why not. Just don’t make me spill my beer whilst I attempt that huh.

Again, Dirt 5 isn’t a game where it caters for the hardcore gymkhana, rally enthusiasts. Dirt 5 is accessible for all ages and the difficulty has no legitimate pros or cons for players. Those that want the challenge it’s there. Those that want to chill and chew up some dirt, it’s there.

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

Visually this game is stunning. I am playing the Series X (Well duh! It does say in the title… Note to self) and it is incredible. When racing on the ice, the lighting and reflections is top notch. The water spray hitting the car and flying off the wheels is just some of the small details I looked for and it doesn’t disappoint. The car models too are good and look the legit business.

The tracklist for Dirt 5 is probably the best, no, it is the best tracklist they have put in the series. Plenty of songs to get the head nodding too, humming, singing you name it. May have to look for the Spotify playlist at some point actually. Not only the tracklist being good, the sound of the cars are also good too. So far, everything about Dirt 5 has been very positive. Each car sounding uniquely different and how they should too. Nothing quite compares to the Subaru Impreza and hearing the turbo kick in, no vtec jokes here…

Performance wise I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The game peforms spot on with no hiccups. Great addition for a new shiny console be that for the Xbox Series X or PS5, though that will remain to be seen once its out on PS5.


If you are wanting a new racing game for the Series X, then Dirt 5 is the only racing game ‘new’ and available. Of course Forza Horizon 4 has been optimised for Series X, so isn’t the only racing game available at your disposal. Dirt 5 is worth it. Its arcade racer which has plenty of fun and makes you feel great when nailing a drift or beating a gymkhana score.

If you are monster energy up, raring to put foot to metal. Dirt 5 is the game for you! Flip the bird at Ken Block and make Colin McRae proud!

The New Day are playable characters in Gears 5

Austin Creed, part of the New Day in WWE have announced the New Day will be playable characters in Gears 5 multiplayer. This isn’t the only WWE superstar that’s in the world of Gears. Dave Bautista is in the game as alternative skin for Marcus Fenix. With the latest Gears 5 update for Series X. Players can also pick the Bautista skin, which is also voiced by him to replace Marcus Fenix.

Source: Austin Creed

The Pathless soars onto the PS5, PS4 and other platforms tomorrow

Developer Giant Squid, have announced The Pathless is heading to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV via Apple Arcade Tomorrow for $39.99.

The Pathless sees players take on the role of the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. The Hunter must forge a connection with an eagle companion to hunt corrupted spirits, being careful to not become the hunted. Players will explore misty forests full of secrets, solve puzzles in ancient ruins and be tested in epic battles. The bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance.”

“The Pathless is an open world game that features unique archery and traversal mechanics,” said Matt Nava, creative director at Giant Squid. “The Hunter and Eagle’s swift, fluid movements carry them seamlessly through the vast, forested landscape as players set out to banish an ancient curse of darkness. We can’t wait for players to immerse themselves in the mythology of this mysterious world we have made and unravel its secrets.”

Giant Squid will also be releasing two physical editions on Dec 8th for the PS5. One will be a Day One edition and via you can preorder the exclusive edition.

In early 2021, a vinyl will be made available of the soundtrack of The Pathless.

Source: Gaint Squid press release

Truck Driver launching on the Nintendo Switch Nov 17th

Truck Driver is releasing on the Nintendo Switch next week, November 17th.

“In Truck Driver, players get to build their trucking career while getting to know the characters and establishing relationships. Along the way, they’ll meet several different characters that they can do jobs for. Players will always know who they are driving for, what cargo they’re transporting, why their help is needed and how their work impacts the world around them. With the game’s Nintendo specific features and a truck, players will be able to take on the profession of a truck driver with ease.”

Game features:

  • Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver
  • Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job
  • Customize your truck with tons of parts and tune it to your liking
  • Navigate through beautiful landscapes and interesting locations

Source: SOEDESCO press release

Gears 5 gearing up for Season 5

With the Xbox Series X/S launching yesterday worldwide. Gears 5 has been given huge overhaul update because of the Series X.

With new visuals, 120ps, Ray-tracing and better lightning. Gears 5 runs smoother than ever before and is pure eye candy. New game +, Dave Batista playing as Marcus and using any MP skins to use in campaign too. The Coalition had made a great update for Gears 5.

That isn’t all for just the Gears 5 fans. Season 4 is ending and we are about to begin Season 5.

Dizzy and Skorge enter the fray in what is known as, Hollow Storm. More details will be announced from The Coalition and Xbox in due course.

From a personal opinion point of view. Hollow Storm and these characters scream Gears of War 2. I would expect at least 1 map or maybe 2 from Gears 2 multiplayer, either way I’m looking forward to the new season for Gears 5.

Source: Official Gears Twitter

Take-Two in talks to acquire Codemasters has reported that Take-Two are in talks of buying Codemasters.

During a investors call, Codemasters themselves have said they have had discussions with Take-Two for the sale of the company.

“In a separate announcement, Take-Two explained its thinking behind the acquisition, saying, “Take-Two believes that the combination of Take-Two and Codemasters would bring together two world-class interactive entertainment portfolios, with a highly complementary fit between Take-Two’s 2K publishing label and Codemasters in the racing genre.”

“In addition, Take-Two believes that it can bring benefits to Codemasters’ performance by leveraging Take-Two’s global distribution network and 2K’s core operating expertise in publishing, including live operations, analytics, product development, and brand and performance marketing.”


Super Mario 3D All Stars Review (Nintendo Switch)

  • Genre: Adventure, Platforming
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer | Publisher: Nintendo
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7 | ESRB E for Everyone
  • Price: UK £49.99 | US $59.99
  • Release Date: 18th of September

Nostalgia, revolutionary and brilliance, yet comes with a few problems which the modern gamer may not have the patience for. Super Mario 64 paved the way for 3D platformers and remains dominance in adventure, platforming games. Super Mario can be played by all ages. Those of us that have been there from the start, early 90s and so forth can share the experience with their kids, and that’s so rewarding in itself and repeats the process for generations to come.


Super Mario 64 literally started it all like I said up above. Back in the N64 days, this was a marvel, yet it still is. Its aged a bit but it still captures the awesomeness this has had back in 96. Movement is fluid yet sometimes can be a pain when navigating around on the platforms. Hit the jump button in three successions and you get the higher jump, which is a staple for Mario these days.

SM64 does have the bug-bear of the camera which is very annoying. I sometimes think to myself how on earth did I beat this game or 100% it without cursing or feeling so enraged. The camera somewhat flares up again in Super Mario Sunshine, but it isn’t a constant issue compared to SM64. Yes, Sunshine is overall better than SM64 on paper in all departments, but the very basis of Sunshine is that of SM64, just added more technical leaps and bounds.

Super Mario Sunshine introduces FLUDD. A new companion/tool from professor E. Gadd. With FLUDD you can spray water to clean off the graffiti all over Isle of Delfino. You have four different nozzle attachments which can help Mario navigate each level around the island to overcome next Shine sprite. You have the spray, rocket, dash and like a water jetpack. It sure does make the platforming somewhat a bit easier, especially to get to higher places where in SM64, if you fall you have to start all over again. You can even run around with Yoshi, so yes, it’s good… Depending on the fruit you give to the Yoshi egg determines the colour of Yoshi. Once Yoshi is hatched you can eat other foods which will turn Yoshi into a different colour also.

Super Mario Galaxy takes everything its learned from both SM64 and Sunshine and throws it out of the window. Well not literally, but completely takes Mario in a different direction. Galaxy still has the Mario we all have come accustomed too. Throw a bit of zero gravity, flying and jumping on goomba’s around planets is somewhat wow, refreshing and great. With this game built for the Wii and the use of star bits, which enables the player to fire at enemies to stun them and give you the advantage. It still works well for the Switch via the use of a Pro controller. Star Bits in Galaxy and Galaxy 2 for that matter plays a important role. These bits will unlock new ways for Mario to get to other planets by feeding the Luma’s. The camera with galaxy can sometimes be a bit of a pain. You can use the R button to align in centre and when you can the right stick can be used. Mainly the camera will follow as you move around, especially when the running about the little planets.


Ultimately, we all know the outcome of the Mario story’s. Mario collects the Power Stars, saves Peach, defeats Bowser and have slap up meal or cake in SM64 matter until the next adventure arrives. This isn’t saying its rubbish or a complaint. Each title in this 3D All Stars package is of the same formula, just differently going about it. In a way, if you want. Sunshine continues from where SM64 left off. You defeated Bowser after swinging him around like a rag doll for millions of years and arrive to Isle of Delfino, where a doppelganger Mario is terrorising the island with paint.

After you get so far into Sunshine, the doppelganger Mario is revealed as Bowser Jr saying Peach is mama and Bowser saying Mario is nasty and doesn’t play nice. Hence why Bowser Jr is trying to kidnap or save in his eyes for Peach.

Galaxy is again similar. The star festival is happening, enjoying a nice stroll in mushroom Kingdom at night with all the shooting stars in the sky. Next minute Bowser turns up with a armada and giant ufo… Takes peach and the castle away into his new universe/Galaxy with Mario hot on his tail. This is where we meet the Luma’s and Rosalina to help Mario and get Peach back from Bowser.

As much as the story in each game is somewhat linear. It works, simple as that. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the games again to experience them like the first time as it has been a while since I have played either of these three games.

Graphics, Sound and Performance

You can really see the progression over the years when you go from SM64 to Sunshine and finally Galaxy. Each game is distinctively unique from that era when they launched. SM64, again reiterating the 3D aspect, but also introducing voice characters such as Charles Martinet in Super Mario and has been in everything since then, and sounds which left the 8-bit area and those visuals to which they are today with Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a perfect road trip down memory lane, but also video gaming as whole on where its gone from, in Mario’s case, 1985 to present day. SM64 visuals were at the time pinnacle to where the home console was heading. With this collection and SM64 being pretty much emulation from the N64, the visuals have somewhat aged, which is perfectly understandable. Yet we can still praise Nintendo and truly appreicate what SM64 has set for the benchmark on a Nintendo platform, especially when it’s Mario concern.

Super Mario Sunshine is, and still is a nice looking game too. With catchy themes which Mario games have been renowned for and bringing hell of a lot of smoothness to the visuals than the blocky textures we saw on SM64. Sunshine brings a great realness, especially to the water aspects and textures to its layout of the levels and the hub, Isle of Delfino. We even got cut-scenes which still look fine today, which also comes back to my earlier comment of appreciating the leap from SM64 to Sunshine.

Galaxy on the other hand knocks it even more out of the park. The visuals improved, sound being brilliant especially with orchestrated themes added to the mix and the performance of the game feeling extra special. I must add, I didn’t experience that much performance issues in all honesty. Maybe SM64 did suffer with some framerate issues with a few stutters, yet Sunshine kinda basked in its glory from when it launched back in 2002. Super Mario Galaxy is literally eye candy throughout from start to finish. And best of all? You can listen to the whole 3 games entire soundtracks whilst you are doing other things around the house if you so wanted too.


There is no difficulty to pick in either games. From earlier comment again, everyone can pick up and play and simply enjoy the simplicity these games have to offer. The only difficulties I personally experienced is the camera, definitely with SM64 and some of the secret levels with you encounter in Sunshine were quite tough! However, once you beat it and collect that Star or Sprite, the sense of reward is huge.


As much as its a trip for older fans to replay the likes of SM64 for example. It’s brilliant that we have these stellar Mario games to the Nintendo Switch library to choose and play. I think personally Super Mario Galaxy 2 is deserving of getting the Nintendo Switch treatment, and I’m sure that goes to many other Nintendo games too. Super Mario 3D All Stars is a must have game to have in your collection. You can share the experiences which you had yourself with your partner, children and better yet? Gain a whole new experience replaying these games again when your child pick its up and you can guide them when needed might I ask, sit back and enjoy.

Great package of three truly incredible games of their time. Look past the camera issues and you three beautifully crafted games, must have!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced for Spring 2021

Bioware have announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming to consoles and PC in 2021.

“Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include single-player base content and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, plus promo weapons, armors, and packs – all remastered and optimized for 4k Ultra HD. It will be available in Spring 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. More information to come in the new year!”

Not only are Bioware bringing the Legendary Edition to consoles and PC next year. A small veteran team have also been working on a new project.

“Meanwhile here at BioWare, a veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. We are in early stages on the project and can’t say any more just yet, but we’re looking forward to sharing our vision for where we’ll be going next.”

Source: Bioware