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Folklore-Inspired Horror Adventure Game Mundaun Launches March 16

Mundaun, a folklore-inspired horror game by Hidden Fields, a one-man studio founded by Swiss programmer and illustrator Michel Ziegler, will launch on March 16, 2021 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store. Mundaun is the first full-length game from Ziegler, and takes players on a journey of a young man who travels to a dark, secluded valley of the Alps to face off with a malevolent entity that resides there and uncovers the mystery of his grandfather’s death. The game will be published by MWM Interactive, a division of leading entertainment company Madison Wells, that is dedicated to bringing players inventive, artful and compelling games from independent developers around the world

To celebrate Mundaun’s upcoming launch Hidden Fields and MWMi have released the first episode in a bi-weekly series of behind-the-scenes videos showcasing Ziegler’s creative development process and the folklore and real life inspirations behind the game. The first episode, “The Creation Process”, is available now on YouTube:

“It’s exciting to finally have a release date and share the experience of Mundaun with the passionate community that has been following the game over the past several years,” said Hidden Fields founder and developer Michel Ziegler. “The Alps hold a special importance to me and everything from the game’s story to the hand-pencilled characters and environments celebrate the remarkable culture of the Swiss region of Grisons. I’m glad to have worked with MWMi to bring this project to the finish line and look forward to players uncovering Mundaun’s secrets.” 

Mundaun has been a passion project for Ziegler since beginning development on the game in 2014. Having spent summers in the Swiss Alps as a child, Ziegler has an adoration for the region, including the culture and its various folktales passed down for generations. Mundaun is a survival horror game set on the darker side of the Alps, and follows a young man named Curdin who travels to the Swiss town of Mundaun to learn more about the mysterious circumstances behind his grandfather’s death, and soon discovers that something diabolical is haunting the town’s residents. Throughout their journey across Mundaun, players will solve intricate puzzles to uncover the town’s secrets, while avoiding sinister characters that trigger the game’s fear system, a “cause-and-effect” feature which disorients players when facing dangerous situations. 

Discord users can join a special Q&A on Wednesday, January 13 beginning at 18:00 GMT / 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET to ask questions directly to Michel Ziegler about the game. Interested participants can join the Discord server by visiting

Mundaun will be available on March 16 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store. Steam users can now add Mundaun to their wishlist by visiting

To learn more about Mundaun, follow @MundaunGame on InstagramTwitter and Facebook and visit the game’s official website

Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition are Up

Following our earlier report on its announcement, pre-orders have started popping up!

The official Nintendo UK store is offering the special Mario edition for £279. They’ve also listed several bundles with the Switch Mario Edition and different games: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Pack (which include the pre-order bonus), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Pack, or Super Mario 3D All-Stars Pack for £329.99.

Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, you can go for the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Mega Pack, which at £379.99 will include:

  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury SteelBook
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Sticker Sheet
  • Mario Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel
  • Super Mario Nintendo Switch Analog Stick Caps

GAME in the UK are offering this special edition for £349.99. You also get a copy of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury for the Nintendo Switch, which launches on the same day!

In the Netherlands, Nedgame is offering the special edition for €339,-. Unlike the set seen at Game, this does not come with Super Mario 3D World.

If these have piqued your interest and you don’t live in the UK or Netherlands; check your local retailer for more information.

Sources: Nedgame, GAME, Nintendo UK

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Best-Selling Entry in the Franchise

According to the latest Japanese sales numbers 499k physical copies of the game have been sold since October, making it the fastest-selling entry in the franchise in Japan.

It’s on its way to be the best-selling entry of the franchise as well, with Pikmin 2 having sold approximately 480k units and Pikmin over 507k respectively in Japan. Note that the current sales numbers are only for the physical copies, so with digital sales that number may have already been surpassed.

Source: GoNintendo

Several DSiWare Titles Return to the 3DS eShop

Earlier this week Nintendo removed hundreds of DSiWare games from the eShop. No reason for their removal was given, but at least for several games there’s some good news.

Again, no explanation has been given, but these DSiWare are now available again for purchase:

– 101 MiniGolf World
– Crazy Golf
– Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ
– myDiary
– Plants vs Zombies
– Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
– Spot the Difference
– Telegraph Crosswords
– Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro
– Zenonia
– Zoo Frenzy

Source: GoNintendo

Lego City Undercover Delisted from WiiU and 3DS eShop

Following the news that Netflix isn’t available anymore for the WiiU and the 3DS, the Lego City Undercover games have been delisted from the Nintendo eShop as well. The games are still playable if you’ve previously downloaded them.

Lego City Undercover was first released for the WiiU in 2013, followed by a release on multiple other platforms. The stand alone prequel Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 as well.

Lego City Undercover is still available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Source: DualShockers

New Details Emerge on Switch Pro

According to dataminer SciresM, the recent firmware to the Nintendo Switch references the new hardware with the codename “Aula”.

Aula reportedly uses a Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC, the same chip currently in the Switch lite and the revised Nintendo Switch. SciresM suggests the chip will be geared to higher clock speeds and that the firmware also references support for a Realtek chip known as “4K UHD multimedia SoC”.

The Switch Pro is speculated to have an OLED screen. SciresM thinks the Switch itself won’t have a higher resolution, but speculates the 4K Realtek chip will be in the Dock to allow a 4K display when playing on the TV.

In addition, the firmware supposedly suggests “substantially” better cooling and battery life for Aula.

Source: VGC

The Innsmouth Case Now Available for Switch

Publisher Assemble Entertainment, and developer Robot Pumpkin Games, released The Innsmouth Case, a scary-comedy-text-adventure game set in the mysterious and foreboding Lovecraft universe, on Nintendo Switch for £13.49. As a special holiday bonus, you can secure your copy with a limited time 35% launch discount (bringing it to £8.76) via the Nintendo eShop

The Innsmouth Case takes players on a truly harrowing, humorous, and fantastical journey where nothing is what it seems. It’s a game of cat-and-mouse with sinister forces in the tenebrous town of Innsmouth, a place packed to the gills with nameless horrors, and it’s your job to stay alert, stay safe, and solve the case of the missing girl. 

To solve the enigmatic disappearance of little Tabitha Marsh, the most clever detective is not only wanted but desperately needed. Unfortunately, that particular detective is busy, so the case goes to you! Pack your belongings and prepare to head to the remote fishing village of Innsmouth, as The Innsmouth Case awaits! 

Crack the Case and Save the Girl…It’s the Only Way to Survive Innsmouth! 

The Innsmouth Case features a mix of horror and humor, making it the first scary-comedy-text-adventure of its kind. A game in which every decision counts, and there is far more than one way to successfully solve the case…or fail miserably.

Features of The Innsmouth Case include:

  • Become one with the Lovecraftian world around you, as each and every decision you make has a permanent effect on the ongoing story
  • The “interactive book” styled gameplay captivates with its perfect blend of offbeat humor and classic horror
  • Your fate is entirely in your hands; a total of 27 possible endings are to be discovered. Are you saving the day – or are your days in Innsmouth, and the world, numbered?
  • Explore 21st century Innsmouth, talk to more than 20 animated characters and solve the mystery of the disappearance of Tabitha Marsh

The Innsmouth Case is available now on Nintendo Switch for £13.49 (£8.76 with the special 35% launch discount) and is also out now for PC and Mac via Steam and iOS and Androidmobile.

For the latest up-to-date news about The Innsmouth Case, follow Assemble Entertainment on TwitterInstagram, “like” on Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.    

Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition to Release in January 2021

Meridiem Games have announced that the special boxed edition of story driven interactive drama Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition will launch onon the 26th January 2021 for PlayStation®4.

This is the perfect opportunity to rediscover one of the first highly acclaimed titles from French developer and publisher Quantic Dream. For over two decades Quantic Dream, founded by industry visionary David Cage, is best known for their use of cutting-edge motion capture technology to create story driven interactive dramas including the critically acclaimed titles Heavy Rain™, Beyond: Two Souls™ and Detroit: Become Human™.

Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition will include aspecially created case and sleeve, a sticker set, high quality printed artbook and a thank-you letter written by the team at Quantic Dream. This boxed edition will retail for £24.99 / €29.99 and is available to pre-order in specialist gaming stores now.

Fahrenheit is astory driven interactive drama played in both first and third person perspectives. New York City is stunned by a series of brutal slayings that all follow the same pattern: ordinary people possessed by a supernatural force causing them to commit murder. The story follows Lucas Kane who finds himself hunted by police detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles after fleeing the scene of one such murder with no memory of what happened. What follows, is a thrilling, story driven adventure where your choices have a direct effect on how the story unfolds.

The PlayStation®4 retail boxed version of Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Editionis available to pre-order in specialist gaming stores now for £24.99 / €29.99.

For more information on Meridiem Games please visit the official site at

Steamy Noir Mystery BUSTAFELLOWS Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam 2021

PQube and developer NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC announced their partnership in bringing BUSTAFELLOWS to Nintendo Switch and Steam in the West in 2021! 

Originally an Asia only launch, BUSTAFELLOWS is a gripping otome visual novel with an incredible urban noir aesthetic, emphasised through stunning character and environmental art from renowned artist, Sumeragi Kohaku. Mixing dangerous romance with murder mystery, players are invited to leap into the lead role, solving mysteries and making decisions that may well alter the course of history! 

Following the fantastic reception to its 2019 launch in Japan, BUSTAFELLOWS has been one of the most highly anticipated visual novels to be brought to the West.

Incredible Story & Interactive Gameplay

Romance, mystery, dangerous relationships and the power to leap back in time, BUSTAFELLOWS follows the role of our heroine protagonist as she becomes embroiled in a thrilling plot about love and murder. Using your notepad to record clues and key pieces of information, you will solve crucial puzzles and navigate complex relationships as you journey into this sizzling interactive mystery and find love! Introducing brand new time sensitive gameplay mechanics, BUSTAFELLOWS challenges players to use intuition to choose wisely as they are confronted with difficult choices – make a decision or wisely skip as your choices are critical when building intimacy with your love interests in this exciting, steamy otome novel!

5 Romance Options

Develop a romantic relationship with Limbo, Shu, Helvetica, Mozu and Scarecrow; five dangerous fellows who may very well fall in love with you. Choose your route and build your affection with each ikemen through an interactive system.

Multiple Endings

Explore different routes and endings reflected by your choices made during the story. Shape your story through the choices you make, and unlock special side stories to learn all about each character and their true feelings!

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