Dragon Quest X Offline Advanced Vocations Detailed

Square Enix has released new data for Dragon Quest X Offline. This time focusing on Advanced Vocations.

Changing to an Advanced Vocations

  • The conditions for changing vocations vary depending on the vocation
  • Ex: to change to the Gladiator vocation, first raise the level of the Warrior or Martial Artist vocations available from the start of the game to a certain level, and then clear the quest required to unlock the Gladiator
  • After meeting these conditions, you can change your vocation to Gladiator by talking to the priest at the Temple of Dharma

Advanced Vocations

  • Gladiator: The Dual-Wielding Attacker: an attacker specializing in combat, sacrificing defense in favor of offense; top-class attacker that can dual wield; Coup de Grace “Tension Boost” instantly boosts its tension to a super high state.
  • Paladin: The Chivalrous Knight Who Protects its Allies: knight who protects its allies with high HP and defense power, and plays a support role with restoration spells such as “Midheal”; Coup de Grace “Knight Watch” draws the enemy’s attention to the Paladin and negates all damage for a number of turns.
  • Armamentalist: The “Forcewielder” with Attribute-Granting Magic: vocation that can use various spells to strengthen its allies, and wields the “Force” to grant weapons various attributes; Coup de Grace “Funereal Fource” restores all of its MP and has a chance of increasing the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.
  • Ranger: The Hunter Blessed by the Spirits: hunter given power by the spirits. This vocation has a higher chance of obtaining material items at the end of a battle. Its Coup de Grace “Brownie Boost” increases the attack and defense of all party members, as well as restores HP and MP.
  • Sage: The Enlightened Mage: magic expert able to cast advanced attack and defense spells; Coup de Grace “Spelly Breath” increases its magic power while recovering MP, and can sometime trigger a cast spell twice in a row.
  • Superstar: The Charming Entertainer: entertainer whose appeal captivates even its enemies; Superstar supports the party with unique skills such as increasing the amount of experience points earned in battle, spending money to summon bodyguards, and raining down gold.
  • Dancer: Supporting Allies through Song and Dance: dancer who leads the enemy around with its dazzling steps; knows various songs and dances that support allies and inflict status ailments upon enemies, and can also dual wield; Coup de Grace “Dance of Kojin” significantly boosts the tension of all party members to turn the tides of battle.
  • Gadabout: entertainment professional who loves to play; never stops playing, even during battle, and that amusement can even produce various effects; Coup de Grace “Hocus Pocus” comes with the excitement of never knowing what will occur.

Dragon Quest X Offline will release in Japan this Summer, though no Western release has been announced yet.


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