Nintendo Adds Missions and Rewards to NSO

Earn Platinum Points by using the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Nintendo has announced a new feature to the Nintendo Switch Online service which will allow you to earn Platinum Points. These can be redeemed for exclusive rewards, like icon elements for your user icon!

A new section has been added to your Nintendo Switch Online app, where you’ll find a list of activities you can complete to earn Platinum Points.

Your Platinum Points can be redeemed for digital wallpapers and physical items like before, and now member exclusive icon elements as well. It’s like NFT for Twitter, but better.

Talking about those icon elements: You can get frames, characters, or background elements to create your own user icon that can be seen by other Nintendo Switch players when you’re online. Each month will have a different theme and icon elements will be refreshed every week!

You can currently (up to the 4th of this month) earn rewards from Animal Crossing New Horizons (March birthdays) and Super Mario Odyssey.


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