Dragon Quest X Offline Delayed and New Information Released

Release in Japan moved to Summer 2022.

Square Enix has announced that the release of Dragon Quest X Offline in Japan has been pushed back from its initial date in February to Summer 2022.

We also got a lot of new information on the Elves and their continent Eltona.


For this update, we will introduce Eltona, one of the continents of Astoltia, covering its topography, governing race (Elves), and the characters you will encounter.


Due to its warmth and frequent rain, there are many areas rich in nature and inhabited by various plants and animals, but in the western part of the continent, there is also a cursed land covered entirely by a demonic miasma. In the northern part of the continent, there is a world tree that has been growing for over 500 years.

  • There is a wealth of water sources, as well as many thick forests and wetlands.
  • The world tree that towers above the Eternal Forest is an important part of the Elves’ lives.
  • On the cursed land stands a great tree, which is dyed black by the demonic miasma.


A race with pointed ears, translucent wings, and respect for nature. They have a strong desire to understand the world, and have passed down vast knowledge and various technologies from generation to generation.

  • For Elves, even teaching is a learning experience. Their inquisitiveness is never-ending.
  • Elven technology is also utilized in buildings, such as in wooden buildings built without nails.
  • A kamushika is an animal loved by the Elves as a creature said to be an incarnation of the wind, and there are some areas in which they coexist.

Villages and Towns

Eltona features many historical villages and towns that continue to practice longtime rituals and customs such as the festival to celebrate the flowering of the world tree. Given their love for nature, towns are abound with greenery such as large trees and rows of cherry blossom trees.

  • Tsusukul Village: An academic village with a school called “Garden of Learning.” A shrine maiden able to manipulate the power of wind governs the village.
  • Azlan, the Wind Town: A town that upholds the custom of the “Wind Farewell Ceremony,” in which they pray for the new wind’s protection. Its people coexist with the kamushika, a creature said to be an incarnation of the wind.
  • Kamihalmui Castle / Kamihalmui, The Royal Capital: The capital city governed by the Kamihalmui royal family, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom all year round. In the center of the city is a castle surrounded by a moat.
  • Gakeppuchi Village: A village constructed with the purpose of monitoring the cursed land. It stands beside a river of light.


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