Loads of New Details Dragon Quest X Offline Revealed

Focusing on teammates and their unique traits.

Square Enix has revealed a trove of information for Dragon Quest X: Rise Of the Five Tribes Offline, which includes new images. Let’s check it out!

Choose a New Form from Five Races and Go on a Grand Adventure

In Dragon Quest X Offline, the protagonist controlled by the player is a young human living a peaceful life with their sibling in the village Etene. When the protagonist dies following a certain incident, their soul is placed in the body of a young person of a different race who died at the same time, and from there their grand adventure begins.

Players can customize the appearance of both the protagonist and their sibling.
There are five races to choose from when you reincarnate:
Ogre (the fire people)
Poppet (the flower people)
Elf (the wind people)
Wetling (the water people)
Dwarf (the earth people)

Turn-Based Command Battles

Combat in Dragon Quest X Offline use the Dragon Quest series’ familiar turn-based command battle system. Choose the command for the action you want the protagonist or party members to take, and reduce the enemy’s HP to zero to win.

Monsters roam the fields and dungeons, and a battle begins when the protagonist touches them.
Your party’s HP and MP are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Take your time and choose your commands without worry.
When your turn arrives, choose your party’s means of attack such as “Spell” or “Skill,” and then unleash your attack.
When the “Special Attack Gauge” next to a character’s face icon builds up, the “Special Attack” command will appear.
Choose the “Special Attack” command to unleash a powerful attack that can turn the tides of battle.

Instruct Your Party with the “Tactics” Command, or Leave it to Them for a Turn

In Dragon Quest X Offline, you can give general instruction to the protagonist and party with the “Tactics” command, which will leave combat up to artificial intelligence. There is also a “Fight on Your Own for a Turn” button that leaves combat to artificial intelligence for just one turn.

Six Basic Vocations: Level Up Each Vocation to Become Stronger

The protagonist of Dragon Quest X Offline will grow in various vocations by leveling up in each. There are six basic vocations: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Martial Artist, Thief, and Minstrel. Each has its own spells and skills.


A vocation with high attack power, defense power, and HP, active in the party in both offense and defense. It can use one-handed swords, two-handed swords, axes, and shields.


A vocation that specializes in recovery spells such as Heal and Zin, as well as support spells like revival spells and Kabuff. It can use spears, sticks, staffs, and shields.


A vocation that can mow down enemies with magic spells of various attributes. It can use heavy wands, daggers, whips, and shields.

Martial Artist

With its high power and agility, the martial artist is a hand-to-hand expert that can deal several blows at once. It can use claws, staffs, and fans.


A professional treasure hunter that can learn skills meant for item collecting. Its high attack power is also a highlight. It can use daggers, whips, and claws.


A vocation that can easily handle any situation with attack, recovery, revival, and support spells. It can use fans, staffs, daggers, and shields.

More Powerful Vocations

Outside of the basic vocations, you will unlock advanced vocations that you can change through as you advance through the story and clear special quests. Advanced spells offer more powerful spells and skills.

Five Party Members

In Dragon Quest X Offline, five special characters who have received a divine revelation will join the party and lend the protagonist their strength. Five characters of different races will form your party. Each are reliable companions who will grow as they learn spells and skills that make the most of their strengths.

While you can only have three companions in your party at a time, you can swap them out at any time as you move. Which characters make up your party is up to you.

Maille (voiced by Aya Endo)

“You’re really strong. Was I any help?”

A young ogre who was raised the the chief of the snowy Rangao Village. She is a martial artist who has been training in the village’s arena since she was a childhood. She has a cheerful personality, as well as a kind heart considerate of others.

Maille has been traveling around the continent of Ogreed with her fellow villager Arold.
Maille can fight using claws, staves, and bare hands. As she grows, she will be able learn counter attacks and ally recovery skills.
Maille’ special move “Combo Dance” invokes the spirit of the Ogre king to deal major damage with a wave of combo attacks.

Ragus (voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa)

“I want to know. I must.”

Prince of the Megistris Kingdom in the Puku Land Continent. Despite being a fainthearted boy who stays locked in his room, he has a strong desire to lead his country deep in his heart.

He and his father, King Poopadpong, have had their differences, and Ragus has been locked in his room for several years.
Ragus can use a stick, bow, spear, and shield. He specializes in recovery and revival, and can learn skills to attack with holy light.
Ragus’ special move “Grand Light” gathers and unleashes the power of holy light in a concentrated blast to purge the enemy.

Fuura (voiced by Haruka Shiraishi)

“Friends help each out out, just like the kamushika!”

The only daughter of the lord of the wind town Azlan. She carries around a doll that reminds her of her late mother, and carries on the tradition of “wind riding”—bringing new winds to the town.

Just like her mother, a wind rider before her, she is loved by the kamushika, a creature said to be an incarnation of the wind.
Fuura can use fans, sticks, and heavy wands. In addition to spells, she can also learn skills that borrow the power of nature such as “Lightning.”
Fuura’s special move “Spirited Wind” uses the power of spirits to occasionally perform the same action twice. This is a special move that only the wind rider Fuura can use.

Fuser (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)

“Don’t worry, I won’t slow you down.”

A Wetling youth who grew up in an orphanage without any family in the Wena Islands. He is a considerably skilled swordsman who travels from land to land to make a name for himself.

Fuser is blunt, but has a kind heart. He even supports an orphan girl.
Fuser can use two-handed swords, one-handed swords, axes, and shields. He an also learn skills that manipulate all attributes, such as “Ice Force.”
Fuser’s special move “Battle-Worn Slash” emblazons his sword with a burning will to fight as he throws himself at the enemy.

Dasuton (voiced by Kentaro Ito)

“You can’t get nice junk by sitting around waiting for it!”

The lord of “Junk Castle,” a castle buried in junk in the mountain city Gatara. He values junk more than life itself, and spends each day collecting junk with his assistant Potsukon.

Dasuton names the protagonist “Potsukon #2”—his new junk-collecting assistant.
Dasuton can use hammers, whips, and daggers. He specializes in support skills that debuff enemies such as “Spiderweb” and “Blunt.”
Dasuton’s special move “Junk Hunter” will surely get the enemy to drop a treasure chest.

Dragon Quest X Offline will launch on 26 February 2022 in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

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