New Information on Dragon Quest X Offline Released

Detailing how it interacts with Dragon Quest X Online.

During a recent Dragon Quest X fan event the producer of the series, Takuma Shiraishi, answered a few questions on the new upcoming Dragon Quest X Offline and how it links up to Dragon Quest X Online.

How does Dragon Quest X Offline link with Dragon Quest X Online?

You can carry over data from Dragon Quest X Offline to Dragon Quest X Online through the “Spell of Restoration.”

By using the “Spell of Restoration” that manifests upon clearing Dragon Quest X Offline, you can start Dragon Quest X Online with a level 70 character in the vocation you played as in Dragon Quest X Offline.

(When creating your character and sibling, their names will appear as they were set in Dragon Quest X Offline by default, but can be changed.)

Does Dragon Quest X Offline feature character creation or reincarnation to the five races?

In addition to your human form, you can create a character for each race when you reincarnate, and choose between male and female appearances. However, not all hair styles, colors, and such up to Dragon Quest X Online version 5.5 are included.

Can I change the appearance of equipment like I can in Dragon Quest X Online?

You can change equipment’s color, placement, and so on. However, this too does not include everything up to Dragon Quest X Online version 5.5.

Are Magical Labyrinths or accessory synthesis in the game?

Both of these are implemented in Dragon Quest X Offline with modified specifications. You can always get the accessories themselves from coin bosses, and choose which effects you want to add during synthesis. For that reason, there is no leveling up Lene’s accessory synthesis level, or any luck effects.

What is the player’s vocation? Can you change vocations like you can in Dragon Quest X Online?

The protagonist can change vocations, but each party member has their own skills and stats, so they cannot change vocations. As “advanced vocations,” sages and other vocations are designed to be stronger.

Dragon Quest X Offline will launch on Japan on the 26th of February 2022.

Source: Gematsu

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