TOEM Update Available for Nintendo Switch

Patch notes available.

Something We Made has released update 1.09 for TOEM, which fixes a lot of bugs and allows you to pet a lot stuff!

Here are the patch notes:


  • You can now pet all cats, “Pet rock”, and “Tom”!
  • Honk reaction to Harbor Wizard
  • Birthday hats to all of the dev team’s pets!


  • Navmesh corrections for all regions
  • “Going long!” achievement no longer requires Clogs to be completed
  • “Help! I can’t move” button now teleport the player to a fixed position by each region’s bus stop
  • Interactions with NPCs are now given priority
  • Honk House Minigame’s timing: When you stare at the last ship out at shore the cutscene will now be triggered directly instead of a timer.
  • “Ghost date” & the lost dog’s follow distance
  • Seagull ritual chant volume no longer ducks when playing music


  • Soft-lock when photographing the raft operator after honking away the seagulls
  • Soft-lock when talking to Honk Master when the last boat is being blown away from the rocks
  • “Help! I can’t move!” button crashed game if used while on a face board
  • Quick select menu activating items the player didn’t have inside their inventory
  • Album no longer remembers the last tag opened between sessions (We see you speedrunners)
  • Game sometimes throwing errors when returning to the main menu
  • Player not being centered on face boards
  • Grammar issue inside Harbor Wizard’s start show dialogue
  • Grammar issue in “100 followers” achievement description
  • Rare bug where next region would not get unlocked even though region stamp has been received
  • Sight photos getting destroyed when it’s not supposed to
  • World photos no longer disappear when deleting the same photo inside the player’s album
  • Achievement description text cutting off
  • Rearranged Meck’s house layout for better viewing (Teddy is no longer so hidden)
  • Pirate Queen’s hat now shows the correct one
  • Getting stuck on a stair leading up to the ending event
  • No longer soft-locks when clicking on certain signs
  • Could not pet “Nariko”
  • Game thinks save space is full even though the album is not!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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