Eastward Update Out Now For Nintendo Switch

Full patch notes available.

Publisher Chucklefish and developer Pixpil are rolling out a new update for Eastward on the Nintendo Switch. Version 1.0.5 adds bug fixes and stuff shah changes dE

Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect physics setting in some scenes
  • Autosave near the Mayor’s House could block the game
  • The first Boss should not deal damage when it’s down
  • In Earth Born, players could fail to revive dead characters
  • In Earth Born, some message boxes could fail to close
  • Fixed some visual glitches


  • Small tweaks to the difficulty of the boss fight in chapter 8
  • Additional autosave after playing Earth Born and the Gacha machine
  • Support to some models of Switch Pro Controller
  • Added startup language selector (Hotfixed on September 20, 2021)

Source: Nintendo Everything

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