Kitaria Fables Has Been Updated

Full patch notes available.

PQube and Twin HeartsĀ have rolled out an update for Kitaria Fables, which include some bug fixes and Italian language support.

Patch notes

  • Italian language added.
  • Moved DLC check to only occur when first entering gameplay from new game or saved game to reduce delay during scene transitions.
  • Poison or any DPS status effect will no longer damage or kill you on map transition.
  • There will be several adjustments on equipment upgrade, the requirement would be much easier for early-mid game.
  • Fixed Siammese text on Vanity Menu.
  • Fixed character that suddenly fall down to the darkness (We are not able to reproduce it, so when it happens it would teleport you back to the surface to avoid game breaking). Hopefully, It would also fix the issue where you stuck in some place that has red boundaries while there is no more monster around.
  • Fixed Capri and Basil miss-placed tail position and rotation.
  • Fixed miss leading several attribute descriptions.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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