Garden Story Gets Massive Update

A lot of bugs get fixed!

Garden Story recently released on the Nintendo Switch and there’s already a massive update incoming. Bringing the game up te version 1.0.6, this update will fix a lot of bugs and add a new icon for the Switch home screen.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Added collectible to unlock final memory slotFixed soft lock where endgame sequence would not fire
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could perish while exiting a dungeon
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could get trapped in Ollie’s shop
  • Fixed soft lock where Rapa would not address Concord when arriving in Autumn Town at night
  • Fixed bug where the player could plant seeds without owning them
  • Fixed various visual bugs
  • Reenabled missing book in Summer Bar library
  • Various spelling and wording adjustments
  • Created additional protections for the issue blocking some players from triggering the end game sequence
  • Unobtainable items have been removed, enabling Library and Dowsing Rod upgrade completion.
  • Fixed bug where Pagu’s favour could override the dowsing rod quest step
  • Fixed bug where favour completion could clear building plots
  • Fixed bug where roll boots could interrupt dowsing minigames
  • Fixed various visual bugs
  • Fixed Waterlog puzzle gate collisions
  • Added consistency to “Bloom Bank” area name
  • Minor audio adjustments
  • Fixed sequence break and soft lock where Concord could avoid bridge repair in the Rana tutorial
  • Fixed sequence break where Concord could slip past the Waterlog guards
  • Added visual indicator for where to trigger endgame sequence. Currently exploring other possible sequence issues in this area
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could get trapped in the Mists
  • Added item names to Village Storage Box
    Cube Coast is now labelled properly on the map
  • Updated credits

And here’s your look at the new icon for the home screen.

Source: Nintendo Life

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