Investigative Full Motion Video Game Jessika is Out Today on Nintendo Switch

Time to crack the case of the mysterious suicide of Jesskia  – What You Uncover May Be More than You Could Possibly Prepare For… 

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer TriTrie Games are delighted to announce that their investigative full-motion video (FMV) game Jessika is out today on Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Store for £13.49 / €14.99 / $14.99 with a limited time 20% launch discount. Jessika is a gripping tale of loss, mysterious circumstances surrounding the titular character’s apparent suicide, and the lengths one will go to cover their mistakes. Jessika is also available now on Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.

More About Jessika 

Convinced of foul play, Jessika’s father has hired you, a private investigator, to uncover the truth about her untimely death. What appears to be a textbook suicide — at least, at first — may prove to be your career-defining moment. With only your laptop and an unrivaled determination for unearthing the truth, you’ll need to dig through the victim’s extensive digital footprint to locate clues and keywords embedded within Jessika’s tangled online presence to piece together what really happened.

Jessika takes inspiration from titles such as Her Story and uses professional FMV to create the tense and thrilling situations the player interacts with.

Jessika won the German Developer Prize in Ubisoft Blue Byte’s prestigious Newcomer Award category, part of the Ubisoft Education initiative that aims to prepare promising new developers for an extensive career in the video games industry. 

Jessika is out today on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Store, Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam

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