Smashing the Battle Ghost Soul Gets Physical Release from Eastasiasoft Limited

Pre-orders open today!

Eastasiasoft Limited revealed that they’ve partnered with publisher Platinum Rocket and indie developer Studio HG to release physical editions of their hit 3D hack-and-slash action game Smashing the Battle Ghost Soul for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Pre-orders for Smashing the Battle Ghost Soul are now open with online retail partner Playasia. Only 2000 Limited Editions will be available for Nintendo Switch, 1000 for PS4. Standard copies will be available for Nintendo Switch.

About Smashing the Battle Ghost Soul

Take the role of 4 armored heroines across intertwining stories of escape and espionage, each girl with her own unique skills, weaponry and fighting style. Combining beat ‘em up mechanics with screen-filling “bullet hell” intensity, combat demands quick-thinking strategy and rewards efficient performance. Replay stages at any time to improve scores and earn better rewards.

This updated version of Smashing the Battle includes all content from the original game plus the brand new Ghost Soul sequel set in 2086 AD, one year after the incident involving Sarah O’Connell, effectively doubling the content and introducing additional playable characters, more suits and dozens of challenging stages! Battle through robotic enemies to collect coins and scrap, then use those precious resources to upgrade skills, improve stats, unlock outfits or purchase in-game bonuses!

Smashing the Battle Ghost Soul features character designs by Mana Kakkowarai of Valkyrie Drive fame, quite fitting for the similarity in genre (and numerous bouncy heroines). A wealth of fan art has also been collected into the in-game gallery. These special features, combined with enough content for 2 complete stories, truly make this the definitive way to experience Studio HG’s vision for Smashing the Battle!

Key features

  • Experience the complete original Smashing the Battle plus all-new Ghost Soul content.
  • Combo your way through mechanical enemies in frenetic real-time action!
  • Play as 4 stunning heroines, each offering a unique play style.
  • Upgrade skills and stats as you progress!Replay stages at any time to improve scores and earn better rewards.Unlock additional suits for each girl to alter appearance and modify combat abilities!

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