Nintendo Releasing Special Mario Hanafuda Cards

Only available for a limited time.

Nintendo will be releasing a special Mario Hanafuda card set through the My Nintendo Store. The cards will be released on 04-08-2021, and will be limited to 1 per customer. There’s a limited stock, so get them while they’re available!

Hanafuda, which means “flower cards”, is a traditional Japanese card game that dates back to the 1500s. It is said that the modern design of the card set was created in the mid-1700s. Nintendo started out as a manufacturer of hanafuda cards in 1889.

The 48 cards are split into 12 suits of four cards representing the 12 calendar months. Each suit is decorated with a flower or plant that blooms in that month, as well as other Mario-themed scenes.

How to play: Mario Hanafuda Manual

Note: Each order is limited to one pack of hanafuda cards and is not combinable with other products.

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