Pokemon Unite Review

The Pokemon game we have been waiting for?

  • Genre: Action
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer | Publisher: Tencent |Nintendo
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7| ESRB E for Everyone
  • Price: Free (includes in-game purchases)
  • Release Date: July 21st, 2021

The free to play Pokemon Unite has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Unite is also coming to mobile, with a September release.


The whole premise of the game is to score points in the opposition goals. I would definitely say work as a team and go through the tutorials after your first Unite battle. As you progress through the game it will all slowly open upto you at a modest pace than just throwing you in the deep end. The game isn’t complicated by any stretch, it’s rather straight forward and easy to play. If you select Charizard for example you will start off as Charmander. Defeating wild Pokemon and even other players will give you exp to evolve and learn new moves too. As you level up, you will of course become stronger. Say if you’re level 8 and the other player is 6. You will of course have the advantage, so make sure you defeat those wild Pokemon such as Aipom, Audino and Corphish etc.

You will also have Pokemon like Rotom and Dreadnaw. If you defeat Rotom, preferably you would want your team to help as the opposing team could also capitalise on the situation too. Rotom will lower the defense of the opposing teams goals for short periods of time. Defeating Dreadnaw will give you and the rest of the team a temporary shield. Ludicolo and Bouffalant also feature. Defeating them will give you temporary boosts. This will make for better scoring and destroying that team goal. Of course team goals also has benefit too. If you are in a bit of a pinch which you will at some point, head back as soon as possible as it will heal you and give you a shield. There are berries for you to use as well on the arena floor to replenish health or alternatively have the option item (make sure its equipped in the load up before the match starts).

The potion will then cool down for 30secs and then you can use it again. Items also feature giving you more of a edge. When you progress as well to level 9, you can upgrade the items to make them more useful and effects lasting longer.

You will get to encounter the legendary Pokemon, Zapdos. Defeating Zapdos will give you a 30sec weaken goals on the opposition making it easier to score and quicker to destory those goals. You can accumulate a lot of Unite balls which is what you need to score into the goals. However, you faint, you will lose some of them Unite balls and the opposing players can pick them up or your team mates too. Sometimes it can be a risk to hold onto them or it could be a good idea and destory those goals rather quickly if you are holding a lot that is.


Pokemon Unite is no different to what other free to play games are doing. Yes, there is a battle pass for Unite and its roughly £7.99. The battle pass works exactly like Call of Duty’s Battlepass or of that like Fortnite. Earn cosmetic items for Pokemon, tickets, items and even fashion clothing for your trainer and Aeos coins.

Do expect new Pokemon to arrive to the game and there is a lot they can do with Unite to make it even more interesting. It would be nice to see weather effects and other potential hazards in the arena too. Overall its pretty solid and addicting. It’s entirely upto you if you want to pay for the battle pass or not or any other piece of content. You do have the trainer level which you can unlock some items too and works exactly like the battle pass does. No, you don’t have to pay for that either.


For a free to play game it’s certainly a well rounded game. With constant support and new content in the future. Unite could actually be just as popular as Pokemon Go for Pokemon fans around the globe. In its current state its worth to download and play, though the lingering question remains in the shadows. How long will it be until you reach burnout or repetition soon settles in? It will be interesting to see Unite grow over the coming months, maybe this time next year on where Unite has gone to and what the future holds for the game.


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