Mario Golf: Super Rush Review

Mario Golf is back and it’s certainly changed from its last outing.

We did not receive a review copy for this game.

  • Genre: Sports
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer | Publisher: Nintendo
  • Age Rating: PEGI 3| ESRB E for Everyone
  • Price: UK £49.99| US $59.99
  • Release Date: June 25th, 2021


Let’s jump straight into it shall we. Mario Golf Super Rush does exactly what it says on the tin, golf. If this is your first time playing a Mario golf game. Prepared to get hooked from the get to go. The very basics of golf with a Mario twist

You can play normal golf, battle and speed golf. Speed golf is very interesting and makes for a rather great experience. Once you hit the ball, you can dash straight off to where your ball is landed. Compete against other players online, local or of course AI if you are playing solo. You can disrupt other players by dashing into them too which may give you the advantage, and of course each character has their own special shot and special dash abilities. Watch out for your stamina, constantly dashing will drain you, so aim for the hearts and pick up the coins along the way.

Battle pits players against one another to whomever puts in 3 balls first in any 9 holes on the stage to win.

Additionally it does have a story mode, but in the form of Golf adventure. This mode is pretty much the main meat and bones of the game. Here you will be using your Mii character to participate in the Mushroom Kingdom golf tournaments. Spanned across numerous locations, you will be able to purchase new clothing, golf clubs and level up and increase your stats as you progress. Here you can learn the very basics of the game too, including the new modes on which Super Rush has on offer.

For example you will experience XC Golf. A cross country style golf mode which you have so many shots to do it whilst battling against tornados and other obstacles along the way. It’s quite fun in all honesty too. The golf adventure does have its falls. When you start off, the amount of text before you actually start getting anywhere is tedious and continues throughout. I don’t mind the hub area, but it would be nice to be able to fast travel back to places for quicker progression. I guess something like this for me is a bit over the top? Of course it adds more layers and to keep players playing. I personally think a more structured approach such as Mario Kart with the cups and the old Mario Golf games would have sufficed in comparison.

Sound, graphics and performance

Visually its what you expect from a Mario game. Vibrant colours, bright and pleasing on the eye. In some parts you can see the roughness but then again this isn’t going to blow you away visual wise. When you play golf adventure for example it can be rough in places.

No issues performance wise. Between loading up practices and participating in the actual tournaments, the loading can take its time.

Sound is ok too. Nothing spectacular, though the charm of any Mario games have their catchy themes to boot.


Surprisingly, the game does have its fair share of toughness. Especially when playing Golf adventure than selecting normal golf etc and adjusting the difficulty. Here I will talk about Golf adventure more in terms of difficulty.

Its ultimately down to you, the player. Once you learn and get the feel for the game its second nature and you will be smashing it in no time. The AI is somewhat unpredictable and can put up for interesting encounters. It does make for a more exciting experience and you do feel the pressure when you need to meet to certain requirements the game gives you for progressing. Once you are in a tournament it’s great to have that pressure really. Practising will help especially leveling up and getting those stats up. Yet stats overtime can decrease so its pretty much micro-management, ideally you want to balance things out, though the choice is completely yours.


If you want to have fun then of course Mario Golf Super Rush is worth it. Will it have enough replay value? Yes, though it depends if the Golf Adventure was just added filler, where the developers could have focused elsewhere? Thats a question you can ask/answer yourselves when you have played the game.

The problem I find with Super Rush is how repetitive the game gets. It’s fun at first and soon gets boring, stale, something you have experienced time and time before. It’s a brilliant game to play with friends with local or even arrange online game nights with friends too. Playing with others is where this game really excels at. Again, you can play solo but I felt it wasn’t engaging to me playing solo.


Nice new entry with some new modes to the mix. Speed golf is refreshing, yet the game produces a flair bogey borderline par. Best to get some friends round and fully get the experience this game can offer.


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