[UPDATE] Witcher 3 inspired Netflix series DLC is coming to Witcher 3 on the Switch

If you watched the first day of WitcherCon. You would of by now know some juicy details about the 2nd series of the original Netflix series, The Witcher.

[UPDATE] CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the inspired Netflix series DLC is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

CD Projekt Red did say earlier that the con won’t be much about Witcher 3 itself or any possible hint to Witcher 4? Or will there…. Who knows, we still have tomorrow to go.

CD Projekt Red did announce that the next gen update is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC this year. More info will be shared soon. Included in the new update are inspired DLC’s, for free, from the Netflix original, Witcher series.

This does ask the question. Will the Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch recieve these free DLC’s too? Hopefully we will find out soon!

Source: CD Projekt Red

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