Don’t forget your Monster Hunter layered armour gifts from Rise & Stories 2, plus free launch starter pack

Today is the launch day of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on the Nintendo Switch.

If you have Monster Hunter Rise. When you start Stories 2 be that from your save data from demo or at a certain point when you boot up for the first time. You will recieve the Monster Hunter Rise Kamura garb layered armour.

And if you jump into Monster Hunter Rise after you have set up save data for Monster Hunter Stories 2. You will recieve the Stories 2 Rider layered armour for Rise.

If you have the original Monster Hunter Stories amiibo too. You can earn yourself some more layered armour. That isn’t all either as the Stories 2 amiibo will unlock you some more layered armour too. In addition, if you scan these amiibo in (Stories 2), you can earn to play Tsukino’s lunar luck and win various of useful ingame items.

That isn’t all either. Capcom is being rather generous and rewarding players with free layered armour content for simply having the games. Well for Stories 2, Capcom are giving all players a free starter pack to help you get on. You can download this for free off the Nintendo eShop.

And if you use your Amiibo too, you can get some sweet stickers to use in Stories 2 as well.

Source: Monster Hunter

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