Monster Hunter Rise Review

Everything you know about Monster Hunter, throw away that rule book, and prepare for the Rampage…

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer | Publisher: Capcom
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12| ESRB T for Teen
  • Price: UK £49.99| US $59.99
  • Release Date: March 26th, 2021

We didn’t receive a review code for this game. We have purchased ourselves and have played fully for a full comphrensive review. This review does contain spoilers, read on if you dare…


Rise takes a different path than World or Ultimate Generations. Normally we would be entering a new world/land from the comission to hunt monsters, leading to a huge threat of a elder dragon to decimate the world. Rise, begins in Kamura village lead by the village Leader, Fugen. You are the new Kamura hunter. Instead of exploring new life and to research the endemic life which populates these shores. The whole principle of the game is to prepare for the impending Rampage heading towards Kamura village. This is where Rise takes the beloved MH you love on a different path, which I will get into in the gameplay section.

It’s a pretty straight forward story to be honest. Just enough to carry you on but then again, I always find the stories for MH in general isn’t it strong suit, and Rise continues this for me. You will encounter Magnamalo, the flagship monster for this entry. It has some really nasty moves up its sleeves too and the hell-fire is pain. I think Magnamalo is up there amongst the annoying lot like; Nergigante, Deviljho..


Now, everything you love about Monster Hunter is definitely here on the Nintendo Switch. Every class, weapon, depth is all here. Nothing is missing, Capcom have simply added to the game such as the Palamute. Surprisingly, the Palamute is a great addition. Not only can you change the Palamute or Palico behaviours for either attacking or healing etc, you can of course change equipment, just like you can with the Palico back in World for example. The Palamute also allows navigating the map quicker and more efficiently too. Don’t forget to find them great wirebugs launch pads to send you to the other side of the map also!

I chosen for the long sword this time around. The quickness and devastating moves you can unleash is eye candy galore. For new players, the controls could well be the deciding factor whether or not they carry on playing. The gameplay itself is solid, and a joy once you have found your class and everything else will fall into place. I will admit, I would like it to be more fluid when it comes to a hack and slash such as Devil May Cry for example. Yet the game is addicting as ever. Once the game has its claws in you, good luck trying to pry them off.

Wirebugs is also a new feature to Rise. The wirebugs provides you with more mobility and attacking options too. You can deliver some fine moves causing devastating damage in style, so get that ingame camera ready! Of course they can also help in dodging and dashing away when it becomes a bit hairy.

So… That rule book I mentioned? Well, when you encounter the Rampage, which is a new gameplay mode really. It’s pretty much horde, as you fend off against waves of monsters trying to storm the village. Here you can put down automatic defences stations such as Canon, ballista’s for example. Once you hit some ingame objectives too such as repel 4 or 5 monsters with the Canon. You can earn stronghold exp points which will give you added bonuses such as better ammo for the installations you have built and upgrading/unlocking new installations too. My favourite defense station has to be the machine gun. It’s a massive mini gun really firing out endless strapnel to the poor monsters that love being bullet sponges. Of course with the typical tower defence mechanics. You can also select one of few village characters to help you out such as Fugen, Minoto and Hinoa.

There are plenty of endemic life to help you with stamina, health, attack and defence buffs. That is not all, as there are temp permabuffs which you can interact with by simply going near it. Green for health, yellow for stamina, red for attack. You can pick up some beetles such as thunder, slow beetle, fire etc. These can be thrown at the monsters giving you more reason to carry on and succeed. Expeditions is probably the perfect way to constantly farm monster materials and of course explore each area. Getting to know all the layouts and harvest those precious materials will come in handy when you want the cool looking death armour, good luck finding them sinister cloth! Completing quests where Fugen will give you Kamura tickets (post-game) and guild tickets too in the gathering hub.

Monster Hunter Rise has extensive post game content too. Go on hunts solo or with friends of course (you can still do that in main game too) and get your Monster Hunter Rank up, fill out your notes and slay or capture every Monster going. Capcom do like updating the game and making fixes here and there as well. Special events such as the Monster Hunter: Stories 2 Wings of Ruin event where you slay a Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Wroggi and Braggi? Think it was in the arena… You will receive materials to craft a Palico armour to look like a main character from Wings of Ruin.

Sound, graphics and performance

Sound and the music is pretty much bang on with Rise. I would say sound is more crucial in the likes of World than say Rise in comparison. The lack of tracking and gaining knowledge of the Monster you are hunting was a more preferable mechanic I would of liked to have seen in the game. Sound was good in that sense as you will know the distinctive sounds the monster makes when hunting. Rise, just tag the question mark where it is on the map and happy hunting.

Visuals are fine too. Rise is pretty much what would World could possibly be like if it ever got ported to the Switch. Yes, I know a lot of World comparisons here (I really liked MH World), yet everything about Rise you can tell the developers used a lot from World into Rise.

I’ve had no performance issues with Rise either. Playing multiplayer and trying to slay Magnamalo and the Gross Harag was enjoyable, yet chaos at the same time, no framerate drop, no freezing or the game slowing down when its manic on the screen.


Monster Hunter games can be difficult if you are ill prepared. It’s more about grinding, get those materials and forge or upgrade your weapons and armours. You can make the experience even more fun with friends too don’t forget. There isn’t really a difficulty setting, other than say Monster Hunter Rank missions which will be higher than yours. Like you could be 4 and if you want to start a rank 7? It won’t let you because you don’t meet the requirements, so the game doesn’t exactly force any difficulty on you. By now in post game the game is theoretically thinking you know the gameplay mechanics, you should have some knowledge on the monsters you are going up against and switch to different weaponry to help slay or capture the monster more efficiently. Again, it’s entirely up to you how to play the game as well.


If you want a game that you can sink many hours into and keep enjoying well into post game. Monster Hunter Rise is the game for you to have on the Nintendo Switch. To play this game either docked or handheld is brilliant. Make use of the Pro controller and play away or take it into bed and spend more hours well into the morning of the next day. I haven’t got that much negative comments to say about Rise in truth. It does everything right and has built from the previous games making it more a solid game. A lot of World influences of course, yet MH World was very popular on other platforms so it was no coincidence Rise would be built around what World has created.


A fun filling game that will provide many hours of entertainment. It’s a must have game to have in anyone’s Nintendo Switch collection.


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