Acclaimed Precision Puzzle Platformer ‘Evergate’ Physical Edition Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Limited Edition version exclusively available on the Funstock store!

Unleash Ancient Powers

When an otherworldly Storm arrives, Ki finds herself entangled in a struggle to save the very cycle of life.

The Evergate, a portal for reincarnation, prevents Ki from leaving and instead opens up channels to her many past lives. Something or someone in her past is the key to stop the Storm!

Wield Your Soulflame

This ancient power of the Afterlife allows Ki to slow down time, take aim and fire a beam of energy at white surfaces known as “the source”.

Players use crystals found throughout the stage that, once shattered using their Soulflame, unleash powers to help them reach their goal

Align a crystal in-between ‘the source’ while wielding your Soulflame and shoot to unleash it’s energy.

Reach the Gate

Navigate 85 challenging stages and Complete each level by reaching the end gate.There are multiple paths and routes to completion; it is up to you to create your own way.

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