Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin quick hands on demo impression

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin demo is available to download off the Nintendo eShop.

I thought I would do a quick hands on impression from the demo. I haven’t played the first Stories game, try finding a copy that isn’t eye watering amounts of money.

It’s worth pointing out that any progress made in the demo will be able to be carried over to the main game when it releases. So when it’s launch day, you can continue where you left of in the demo, happy hunting!

The demo is of course the first part of the game. The opening cinematic with great music, visual art direction and witnessed straight away some dodgy lip syncing here, there and sometimes everywhere… Without wanting to go into too much detail about the story. The guardian Ratha has left Hakolo Island with armada of other Rathalos’s after a mystery girl encounter. This rather interesting interaction puts us on a adventure to see what Wings of Ruin is all about.

After that altercation. We come back to Mahana Village. There will be more places to visit in Stories 2. These little hub areas so to speak will allow players to upgrade, forge, buy items straight to pouch or storage. It’s what you would expect in a Monster Hunter game. Even if the gameplay is completely different to World & Rise for example. The turn based gameplay is still as fun. The battle system gives me FF vibes, which I assume for everyone else, well majority, will feel the same. Just throw in some of the Monster Hunter elk, and hey presto you have a unique gameplay mechanic. The gameplay heavily focuses on the three trio of move types: Power, Technical and Speed. Power is strong against Technical, Technical over Speed and Speed over Power. Master these types and learn from the monsters you fight against will help massively. Of course using your Monsterpedia etc will make sure you are well prepared for any fights ahead.

Once you get your first Monstie. The game opens up and allows you to do more quests, sub-quests etc. Here you can explore some of Hakolo Island, gather resources and be a good Rider to prepare for the next chapter.

Navirou the “legendary hero” Felyne certainly brings the comedy factor to the game.

Overall, I can’t wait for Stories 2. It’s a nice fresh piece of air. Everything about it screams quality, though I do feel the speed of the camera is a bit a sluggish at times, then again this is a demo after all.

One thing the demo has done for me… Got me back into playing MH Rise. What a game also!

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