Children of Morta Update Available

Children of Morta had been updated to version 1.0.9.

Apart from “improved performance” this update adds a lot of bug fixes. Here are the full patch notes:

– Fixed audio looping issue
– Fixed a few instances where Mark could have stuck behind walls (especially during Forest boss fight)
– Progression blocker in some instances after defeating the final boss in the Story mode and Family Trials (insane difficulty) is now fixed
– Fixed the occasional progression blocker during Ferocious Slayer objective
– Portal may appear behind the closed door after completing the Cleansing Guardian objective
– Two or more of the same divine graces could be obtained
– Fixed Kevin’s “Deadly Storm” talent not working as intended
– Fixed Mark’s “Swirling Staff” skill not working as intended
– Fixed the issue where it sometimes was not possible to interact with a shopkeeper due to items piling up
– Fixed the issue that could cause characters to become invisible in local coop because of Unstable Relic
– Fixed the issue where Revive prompt could be randomly shown in local coop
– Fixed the issue with traps spawning inside objects in Desert biome
– Fixed the issue with trap relics causing incorrect kill streak numbers
– Fixed the issue with pressure plates not working as intended during memory puzzle
– Improved performance throughout all consoles
– Minor bug fixes to improve the stability and overall experience

Source: Nintendo Everything

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