Sonic Colors Ultimate will be more user friendly

Those who struggle with platformers, you are in luck!

The sonic team recently had a interview with famitsu, Japanese videogame magazine/website. And of the questions brought up was about the difficulty of Sonic Colors.

The members present from the Sonic team were creative officer Takashi Iizuka and creative director Kazuyuki Hoshino. The question asked was “what changes have been done, exactly?”

Iizuka: “Since the output power of consoles and televisions has gotten better since then, there’s that. But the biggest change was removing the old life system. “Game Over” as we know it, doesn’t fit with the current context for gameplay, so this time players can play it unlimitedly without worrying how many times they fail.

“It seems the best for beginners.”

Iizuka: “Going even further, since it’s an action platforming game, if you fail to jump, you could fall in a bottomless pit and commit an error, but we have added the function of “Tails Save” to help the player.

As indicated by the name, if the player falls in a bottomless pit, Tails will appear and save them. We’ve added functions like these to make beginners feel more included, and that they can enjoy an action game without getting frustrated.

Source: MyNintendoNews

Via: Tails Channel

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