CEO Fighting game championship is back for 2021 and Smash Bros Ultimate hits its player limit already

CEO 2021 is back and you can register now or watch the event from Dec 3rd – 5th!

If you like fighting games and love competitive videogames. CEO is part of the FGC circuit, where the top players will participate to become number 1 and win the grand prize. Of course last year CEO 2020 didn’t go ahead due to the covid pandemic, however there is some light at the end of the tunnel. CEO’s owner, Alex Jebailey has announced CEO 2021 for December this year from 3rd to the 5th in Orlando.

It’s great news for Smash Bros Ultimate as its the first fighting game to hits its 512 player limit already. We know the Smash scene are passionate and it will be interesting to see how some of the new characters from Fighter pass Vol. 2 are likely played by top players.

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