HAL Laboratory Planning Kirby’s Future

In the recently released Kirby Star Allies – The Original Art Book an interview with Shinya Kumazaki, the game’s director was included.

In it Kamuzaki talked about moving on to the “next phase” of Kirby and “planning for the next stage of our future.”

A translation of the interview by Nintendo Everything:

And now, finally, we can move on to the next phase! I still try new things at work every day, talking with my colleagues about where to take the series next. Together with them, even if only to please a single fan, we’re planning for the next stage of our future. The team is a culmination of the best aspects of the Kirby franchise, and we hope you’ll look forward to what we have coming next.”

Other developers also spoke about the future of the franchise, with Lead action programmer Katsuyoshi Sumitomo saying he hopes “the next thing we create to be called the pinnacle of Kirby games”. Design director Riki Fuhrmann would be interested in creating a non-action spin-off game.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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