Dead Island 2 still in development by Dambuster Studios

We haven’t heard about Dead Island 2 in such a long while and with things going sour at Techland, indefinitely delaying Dying Light 2. I wonder what is happening over at Deep Silver with Dambuster Studios?

Well, back in January 28th to be precise. A job listing went up for a QA Technician over at Dambuster Studios. It quotes:

“Deep Silver Dambuster Studios are hard at work making the next instalment in the Dead Island franchise: the most eye popping, gloriously gory, zombie slaying adventure for players all around the world.”

This is the most recent bit of info we know about Dead Island 2. At least we know its in development still, though it remains to be seen if Deep Silver Dambuster Studios will share anytbing about the game this year.


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