Charles Martinet could ‘potentially’ not voice Mario in upcoming movie

Charles Martinet was talking to GalaxyCon Live interview and was asked about his thoughts on the upcoming Super Mario movie.

“…if they invite me to play, I’ll go in and play with great joy and happiness.”

Of course take this like a pinch of salt. I’m sure many of Mario fans would be disappointed if Charles wasn’t the voice of our handy plumber all these years. Hollywood does have a way with videogame adaptations to the big screen. Sonic The Hedgehog movie was met with criticism the way Sonic looked and the casting of Jim Carrey as Dr Eggman (Dr Robotnik is better and the original if you were a 90s child) saved the movie in my opinion.

Fingers crossed the Super Mario movie will be met with great praise.

Source: GoNintendo

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