Space Crew Review (PC)

  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Adventure
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, xBox One
  • Developer | Publisher: Curve Digital | Curve Digital
  • Age Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Price: UK £17.99 | US $19.99 | EU €19.99
  • Release Date: October 15th 2020

Review code used, with many thanks to Renaissance PR.

In Space Crew you are introduced smoothly, being introduced to the environment and your crew through use of the tutorial, or, if you skip the tutorial, straight into the action.


You get to build your own crew in Space Crew, from customising their weapons and gear, to completely changing their look and appearance. You can start with 5 or 6 crew members, depending on the difficulty settings you choose. I went with 6 this time, just to make it so I didn’t die, again.

As you can see above, there’s quite a choice between settings. I went with an easier set up, as I know I can get frustrated easily. So I went for semi-automatic Tagging Mode, which meant I didn’t have to manually tag each enemy as they appear, as long as my Comms Officer was at their post. I grabbed the sixth crew so I could man more of my turrets at once.

The story appears to boil down to humans have made their mark in space, they have multiple bases and labs dotted around. And their main enemy, the Phasmid, are on the lookout and are quite happy to shoot at you on sight. On every mission, you are highly likely to end up in combat against them, whether it’s small groups of fighters, or larger ships, or even named enemies, like Hewpen Garratt.


Most of Space Crew is simply choosing a mission, doing said mission, and returning to base. For some people, it will be too repetitive, however, most games boil down to the same premise, so I didn’t see an issue here. The missions are ranked in difficulty, so you know how much hassle you can expect once you’re out there.

Missions can range from protecting another vessel or place, to simply fighting off swarms of Phasmids. You will stumble across Phasmid beacons or other important things on your journeys, which you can scan and learn about the Phasmids through. You will be able to hack some parts too! Have to admit, I haven’t figured out how to hack successfully yet.

Using jump gates, travelling through space is much easier than it sounds. Just lock onto the gate you want, get to it, charge your hyperjump and then go. Use gates to travel and traverse the area you find yourself in. Be careful around and in asteroid fields though, they literally attack you and take out your shields in one hit.

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

The graphics for Space Crew are pleasant, I enjoy actually looking around during my missions when I get to explore somewhere new. I like the layout of the ship, it’s efficient and looks good.

The music is benign, I have no issue with it, but I can’t really remember it now that I haven’t played for a day. It’s a shame, but it happens. There is audio for most actions, shooting, getting boarded, etc.. It’s ok for background noises, for me anyway, but as a main source, I think I’d get bored of it very quickly.

The performance is brilliant, I’ve not had it lag, glitch or falter while I’ve been playing. And I don’t have the best PC as it is. Seems like a low maintenance game, runs smoothly and runs pretty.


As I stated before, I pulled the difficulty down from the original settings, just so I could get a feel for the game itself. On the original difficulty, I found my whole team wiped out within 10 missions, have to admit, that annoyed me. I got distracted for a moment and it was critical.

Thankfully, this game has sliding difficulty that you can change whenever you want, bar in a mission. It is a good way to open a game to a larger audience, simply because each person can choose the difficulty that suits them.


Space Crew is a fun, repetitive game. Explore the sights they’ve given us access to, while saving the humans from the Phasmids, collect data to hack and undermine the Phasmids. For £18~, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys space travel and management simulation games.

A good space management sim, good for whiling away some hours without realising it.

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