New Details Bravely Default II

Square Enix has released some new information for Bravely Default II concerning the country of Holograd, new jobs, Counters and Jammers, and consecutive battles.

Holograd, The Militant Nation

300 years ago, a hero brought together numerous clans that were living in barren wastelands. That is how Holograd began. It has since annexed neighboring countries, and now other countries are strengthening their guard.

Characters: Holograd

Adamas Holograd (voiced by Rikiya Koyama)

  • Hellblade Asterisk Holder.

A descendant of the hero that brought Holograd together. An advocate of military arts, he believes that the world will attain peace under the rule of the strong. He is the “Militant King,” which is what the ruler is called in Holograd.

Maddock Lonsdale (voiced by Shigeru Ushiyama)

  • Bastion Asterisk Holder.

Shogun of Holograd. As Sloan’s former mercenary companion, his skills in the military arts compare favorably. He is a righteous military man who is both self-sacrificing and loyal to the supremacy advocated by Adamas.

Mora (voiced by Ruriko Aoki)

  • Phantom Asterisk Holder.

One of Adamas’ subordinates. A woman who has mastered the art of shapeshifting to disguise her gender and age. She is fond of Adamas and is prepared to throw everything away to serve him.

Vishnu Isaac (voiced by Taisuke Nishimura)

  • Arcanist Aserisk Holder.

One of Adamas’ subordinates. A mage who claims to have mastered the art of death magic. He once lost a battle against Elvis’ teacher Emma and has has held a grudge ever since.



A tank job balanced in offense and defense. They can generate a barrier for all party members and nullify damage just once.


A job that specializes in quick attacks using a short sword. With their high evasion rate and overwhelming number of hits, they can use their two blades to defeat the opponent without giving them time to attack.


A job that specializes in powerful magic that hits all enemies. This includes super powerful magic that can even involve party members.


A job that wields a cursed blade that risks taking their life. Attributes can be freely assigned to the blade to slaughter every enemy.


In battle, it is necessary to look out for the “Counters” and “Jammers” that many strong enemies possess. And if you feel like you are not strong enough, you can level up your jobs through “consecutive battles.”

Counters and Jammers

Certain monsters and many strong enemies may have a skill to counter your actions. These are “Counters,” which counter against attacks, and “Jammers,” which counter against actions other than attacks, such as a counter to using an item. In battles against strong enemies, plan your strategy to avoid severe counterattacks from these skills.

Counters and Jammers have a fixed chance of being triggered by your actions.
The Hunter’s support ability, “Retaliation Evasion,” can evade physical attack Counters and Jammers.

Consecutive Battles

When you touch a monster on the field and break into battle, any nearby monsters will get dragged in, triggering “consecutive battles.” While there are risks involved since you will have to battle as many monsters as you drag in, you can earn a significant payout of Job Points depending on the number of consecutive battles. If you want to earn Job Points, round up enemies and aim for a consecutive battles bonus.

Your BP will remain the same from the first battle to the second. Consider pacing yourself so you do not run out of breath in the first match.

Bravely Default II launches worldwide on the 26th of February for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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