Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event summary

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the event, don’t worry we got you covered! Here we have complied all the information that was revealed during the digital event, hope you are ready hunters!

New locale, The Frost Islands

The location shown is the frost islands. The island use to be a huge nest of dragons a long time ago, and it was once said, that heroes use to come here and try to slay them to no avail. The island boasts a creepy atmosphere and large variety of endemic items that will help you on your hunts.


Goss Harag, a new monster. These creatures live in icy regions and roam the snowy fields for prey. Goss Harag using ice blades which it creates from its own breathe to attack hunters.

Barioth the Wyern, has huge fangs and sharp spikes, so be careful getting into battle with this thing. The front spikes on its paws and tail are actually scales, enabling Barioth to freely move around on icy surfaces.

Another flying Wyern is Khezu. This mainly lives in dark places such as caves. Khezu uses electricity to attack hunters from its long twisty neck.

The great baggi is a bird Wyern. The great baggi is quite distinctive in its colour and the crest on its head. It uses a fluid that puts you unconscious, so be careful of that sleep effect.

Lagombi, the fanged beast uses its belly to guide about, so be quick on your toes to deal with this beast.

Tigrex is exactly what you think. A cross-breed between trex and dragon. Strong, well developed claws and jaws causing massive damage to its prey.

Mizutsune is a leviathan monster. It produces bubbles which can greatly hinder your movement when going up against it.

Magnamalo is the fragship monster of the game. Its body is enveloped by a carapace hard as armour, and it attacks hunters with its tail that produces gas looking like hellfire.

Wyern Riding

A new feature is Wyvern riding. Once you have met the unlock requirements, players will be able to use your wirebug to bind the monsters. Using ironsilk will enable you to ride the beasts and inturn be able to attack other monsters.

Characters & Base

Fugen – The Village Elder. He is deeply trusted and respected amongst the villagers. He’s also a certified long sword wielder as well.

Hinoa and Minoto – These twins are the village quest and hub quests maidens.

Yomogi – A young cheerful girl who runs the local tea shop.

Guild Master Hojo – The oldest man in the village. Hojo manages all things quest-related. He draws all quest notices that go up on the quest boards.

Master Utsushi – Is the leader of the hunters in the village.

Iori – The buddy handler. Iori is a young caring young boy who loves animals.

Kogarashi – The felyne chief who is in charge of deploying the Meowcenaries.

Rondine – Is a trader who come from a far away country to make trade with the village.

Your base will have many interesting areas. For starters a training area where you can try out weapon actions by attacking a variety of objects. Players will also be able to change the behaviour of these objects. With all the help of the villagers, you will be able to take on the Rampage.

We will learn more of the Rampage at a later date.

Monster Hunter Rise is releasing March 26th. Standard and Deluxe edition will be available. Three other amiibo to be released on the same day.

The deluxe edition will include:

  • Kamurai – Hunter layered armor set.
  • Shuriken Collar – palamute layered armor piece.
  • Fish collar – palico layered armor piece.
  • Gestures (4 jumps)
  • Samurai pose
  • Kabuki face paint
  • Izuchi tail hairstyle

Pre order bonuses too:

  • Palamute retriever costume layered armor.
  • Palico forest cat costume layered armor.
  • Novice talisman for some extra assistance in the early stages.

3 new amiibo will be releasing the same day as the game. Palamute, Magnamalo and Palico. All three amiibo will unlock a different special layered armor set in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo

In the Monster Hunter Rise demo. Players can experience 4 quests.

  • Beginner Quest – Slay a Great Izuchi.
  • Intermediate Quest – Slay a Mizutsune.
  • Basic Training Quest – Teaching players how to use the wire-bug.
  • Wyern Riding Training Quest – Get to test out the new feature which allows players to control monsters for a while.

All 14 weapon types are playable. The beginner Quest and intermediate quest can be played solo, but they are also available in local co-op and online co-op.

In the demo players will get to explore the Shrine Ruins. It’s a great locale for players to learn about the wire-bug and the new stat boosting, endemic life featured in the game. You can be joined by a Palamute and/or Palico with you on your hunt.

The demo is available for a limited time. It’s available from Jan 7th until 0:00 PST/3:00EST on February 1st, 2021. That equates to 8am January 8th 10:30am February 1st for the UK.

Catch the Wirebug video below:

If you wish to watch the whole event you can here also:

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