Japan declares second COVID emergency, 2021 game preparations at jeopardy?

Japan has declared a second COVID state of emergency today. The virus has caused massive disruption all over the world in every walk of life.

The videogame indsutry is no different and not immune. Already SNK Global has postponed their announcement of King of Fighters XV and Samurai Shodown season pass 3 reveal.

Capcom later today are showcasing their digital event of Monster Hunter Rise reveal of more game information and big news too as they have promoted. Will it be affected? Possibly not, but let’s not take everything for granted here.

What does this mean for some of Nintendo’s games that are celebrating anniversaries such as Zelda 35th, Pokemon 25th and Donkey Kong 40th? Will BOTW 2 development be hit with another setback due to “suspected” tighter covid restrictions within Japan? Not only Nintendo games, games such as Persona 5: Strikers, FF16, Monster Hunter Rise itself perhaps? Again this all speculative and we won’t know until publishers/developers come out with such announcements.

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