Games we are looking forward to this year!

We have arrived into 2021 (thank god) and what an extordinary year 2020 was. A new year means new games! Check out below from the staff which games they are looking forward too this year!

Candid Willow

Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5! I’ve been a huge fan of the Rune Factory games for years, and thoroughly enjoyed Rune Factory 4 Special. The trailers for RF5 have been brief and delightfully spoiler-free, but had plenty of juicy details to whet the appetite. If there’s a special edition announced for the West, I’m going to be stalking that preorder date!


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

We don’t know much about games next year. Though I am very excited for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. I already loved 3D World, it was a fun platformer, especially with friends and family. With them adding online mode, that already sold me, plus with the addition of Bowser’s Fury, which we don’t know anything about, I’ll be willing to buy the game though I already own it on Wii U. 3D World is a fun co-op game, but also can get competitive, which I’m excited to play with my friends all over the world.

Super Widzy

Halo Infinite

For those who know me personally, know that I love Halo. I can still remember the first time I played Halo on Christmas day, original Xbox and Halo Combat Evolved being unwrapped. Since then, FPS games changed for me. Going on the journey with the Master Chief and Cortana to save Humanity from the Covenant, yet unearthing a universe secret which threatens all lifeforms. Halo Infinite cannot come soon enough! I’m looking forward to be taking on the Banished and whatever else is thrown our way!


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

The game I’m most looking forward to is Breath of the Wild 2, which I expect will release on 2021 to coincide with the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. I want to roam around Hyrule again, battling and exploring!


Rune Factory 5

Never thought we’d actually see this title with the gap between releases being almost a decade. So seeing the trailer really blew my mind.
Really enjoyed played RF4 special, so I have high hopes for RF5. Only 5 months to go!!


Horizon: Forbidden West

The game I’m most looking forward to in 2021 is Horizon: Forbidden West. Horizon: Zero Dawn was innovative, ambitious and a joy to lose myself in. I never thought we’d get a sequel, but I’m looking forward to experiencing Aloy’s newest adventure with her and seeing all the new machines.

And there you have it! Our picks on which games we are most looking forward too. Share with us below on what games you are most looking forward to this year!

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