Gears HiveBusters DLC hits Xbox store 1pm today, Gearsmas kicks off Thursday Dec 17th and what’s inside title update 12?

You have come to the right place for the round up for Gears over the festive holidays. If you haven’t noticed last week The Coalition announced the first DLC for Gears 5, the Hivebusters.

The Hivebusters DLC for Gears 5 launches today at 1pm UK time, 4am PT on the Xbox store. Players can buy it off the store or unless you have ultimate game pass, it comes free.

Gearsmas, the traditional Gears festive holiday season greetings, will be hitting the game Thursday Dec 17th. More information will be shared tomorrow with the full breakdown of “goodies” as the Coalition put it.

Amongst all this goodness for Gears 5. The Coalition will also be rolling out its title update 12 with PvE balancing tweaks and variety of quality of life improvements such as, the large portion of players experiencing crashing.

You can read the whole title update 12 patch notes here.

Source: Gears 5

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