So how does FIFA 21 fare since the Series X update?

A few months back I reviewed FIFA 21 and giving it a solid 8/10. At the time it didn’t bring that much to the table that we haven’t already become accustomed too, though it was on last gen hardware.

Finally the Series X optimisation update has arrived and I jumped back in to see what has improved.

From the image above is the new EA Sports Cam. At first it took some time to get used too, but as the match progressed, so did I to adapt to the new camera. Of course you can change this, though my curiosity got the better of me to persevere with it. The game feels nice and fluid, yet still feels somewhat sluggish and slow. The visuals are smooth, lush and more crisp. New celebrations have been added for the players, bringing it ever closer to the real thing.

Not only celebrations, managers are now in the act too. Yup, Klopp goes running around like rabid dog, hugging his players and showing off his gnashers while fist-pumping to the crowd.

Since the update, EA have clearly made sure it’s closer to real life. Aubameyang’s price has dropped quite significantly on FUT, which means I am more than likely to get him to finish my squad!

Overall thoughts are that it’s better with the – if slight – new console upgrades. It’s still the same FIFA 21 if you played on PS4, Xbox One hardware. If you played straight away on Series X and PS5, you will probably come away with more of a wow factor.


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