Cyberpunk 2077 is No. 1 in the UK Charts

Released worldwide last week, December 10th. CD projekt red, Cyberpunk 2077, has claimed the UKs top spot and the second biggest boxed game launch in 2020.

Please bare in mind that the majority of Cyberpunk 2077 sales were download via PC which cannot be tracked. The overall number would be bigger than what is reported.

Even though the game made 8 million preorders and marred with bugs, glitches which is catching more heat, traction via social media. It hasn’t seem to make a dent in Cyberpunk 2077 impressive launch. 60% of sales came through as PS4 and 30% as Xbox One.

Below you can see the top 10. Who will be crowned Christmas’s No.1 this year? Animal Crossing New Horizons sales have been increasing each week for the last month to come 3rd in the charts. Sales are 8% up this week alone.

Source: gameindsutry.biz

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