Dirt 5 Review (Xbox Series X)

  • Genre: Racing
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X/S/One, PS4, PS5 and PC.
  • Developer | Publisher: Codemasters, Koch Media
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 | ESRB E for Everyone
  • Price: UK £54.99 | US $59.99
  • Release Date: 6th of November

Dirt is back. Drifting into the next generation, a taste of what is to come?


Dirt continues the slick, arcade Rally, Rally Cross and other off roading racing in Dirt 5. The gameplay is what you expect in these games. Throttle down, blip the brakes and become acquainted with the handbrake. Drifting is somewhat a staple for all racing games to pull off. With the lush visuals which I will get onto later in the review. Performing a drift in the mud, gravel, concrete whatever terrain you are plowing over 100mph, never fails to excite. As like any other racing game. Dirt 5 is a nice simple game to pick up and play whenever you want.

You have many different type of racing to be had. Some are fun, some are tedious and then one is good, yet so down frustrating. Added to the fray in Dirt 5 is driving on ice. This gives a new complete dynamic where as before you would just floor it and hope for the best. However, driving on ice is a short lived feature. With grip being non existant, players must think carefully, and getting those lines right. To counter that, you could just use the other cars to help you…

Not only do you have career mode and online. You do have playground mode which will allow you to create your very own track or play the 100s of other tracks made by the community. Some of these creations are quite amazing to be honest and even very hard! The actual editor controls are quite easy to use and make a track straight away. With a little dash of imagination, anyone can make a superb track and have fun and become the next Ken Block.


If you are new to racers or specifically what Dirt 5 has to offer than the norm. The difficulty can vary on the player. For me personally I play on hard or sometimes very hard if I am fancying it. I like the challenge and it also proves what mettle you have. Can you rough it up and push you’re very own limits to the max to win? Sure, why not. Just don’t make me spill my beer whilst I attempt that huh.

Again, Dirt 5 isn’t a game where it caters for the hardcore gymkhana, rally enthusiasts. Dirt 5 is accessible for all ages and the difficulty has no legitimate pros or cons for players. Those that want the challenge it’s there. Those that want to chill and chew up some dirt, it’s there.

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

Visually this game is stunning. I am playing the Series X (Well duh! It does say in the title… Note to self) and it is incredible. When racing on the ice, the lighting and reflections is top notch. The water spray hitting the car and flying off the wheels is just some of the small details I looked for and it doesn’t disappoint. The car models too are good and look the legit business.

The tracklist for Dirt 5 is probably the best, no, it is the best tracklist they have put in the series. Plenty of songs to get the head nodding too, humming, singing you name it. May have to look for the Spotify playlist at some point actually. Not only the tracklist being good, the sound of the cars are also good too. So far, everything about Dirt 5 has been very positive. Each car sounding uniquely different and how they should too. Nothing quite compares to the Subaru Impreza and hearing the turbo kick in, no vtec jokes here…

Performance wise I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The game peforms spot on with no hiccups. Great addition for a new shiny console be that for the Xbox Series X or PS5, though that will remain to be seen once its out on PS5.


If you are wanting a new racing game for the Series X, then Dirt 5 is the only racing game ‘new’ and available. Of course Forza Horizon 4 has been optimised for Series X, so isn’t the only racing game available at your disposal. Dirt 5 is worth it. Its arcade racer which has plenty of fun and makes you feel great when nailing a drift or beating a gymkhana score.

If you are monster energy up, raring to put foot to metal. Dirt 5 is the game for you! Flip the bird at Ken Block and make Colin McRae proud!

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