What We’ve Learned From the Capcom Ransomware Leaks

On the 2nd of November 2020 Capcom was hit by a customised ransomware attack following unauthorised access to its network. Capcom didn’t pay and now the hackers are releasing a ton of information on 4chan.

A summary:

  • Resident Evil Village details (Current-gen release, April launch, Demo before release)
  • New multiplayer Resident Evil referred to internally as Project Highway/Village Online. It’s a Battle Royale of some sort.
  • New Ace Attorney collection for PS4 and Switch (AA1-3 and DGS1-2)
  • New project codenamed “GUILLOTINE” for Switch in February, other platforms in May
  • Unannounced project “Reiwa” in May, no platforms mentioned
  • Monster Hunter Rise on PC releasing October 2021(?). Demos for Switch in January and March
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2 on PC. Targeting June 2021 Switch/PC release. Single-player, online co-op and PvP modes. Paid DLC expansions, free post-launch co-op quests, cosmetic MTX, and amiibo support planned.
  • Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR
  • New Shooter Multiplayer game titled “SHIELD” geared towards streamers
  • Source Code for DMC2 and Umbrella Chronicles
  • Stadia paid Capcom $10 million USD to put RE7 and RE8 on the platform. Sony paid $5 million USD for RE7 VR/timed DLC/demo exclusivity.

Source: ResetEra

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