Gears 5 gearing up for Season 5

With the Xbox Series X/S launching yesterday worldwide. Gears 5 has been given huge overhaul update because of the Series X.

With new visuals, 120ps, Ray-tracing and better lightning. Gears 5 runs smoother than ever before and is pure eye candy. New game +, Dave Batista playing as Marcus and using any MP skins to use in campaign too. The Coalition had made a great update for Gears 5.

That isn’t all for just the Gears 5 fans. Season 4 is ending and we are about to begin Season 5.

Dizzy and Skorge enter the fray in what is known as, Hollow Storm. More details will be announced from The Coalition and Xbox in due course.

From a personal opinion point of view. Hollow Storm and these characters scream Gears of War 2. I would expect at least 1 map or maybe 2 from Gears 2 multiplayer, either way I’m looking forward to the new season for Gears 5.

Source: Official Gears Twitter

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