Going Under Review (Nintendo Switch)

  • Genre: Indie, Dungeon Crawler, Action
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC
  • Developer | Publisher: Aggro Crab Games | Team17
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 | ESRB T Teen
  • Price: UK £15.99 | US $19.99 | EU €19.99
  • Release Date: 24th of September 2020

Review code used, with many thanks to Team17! This particular review concerns gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

Starting off as an unpaid intern can be a real pain. Long hours, meaningless tasks, just trying to get some recognition. It can feel like hell. You know what’s worse? Starting as an intern in a company literally filled with monsters! (Well, they’re in the basement.)


This colourful game sees the intern Jackie join a fizzy drinks company, but it’s not the internship she signed up for, as this satirical dungeon crawler has her dealing with the monsters living in the failed tech companies in the basement.

Thankfully, almost everything you come across can be used as a weapon, from a stapler, laptop, car to a cactus. Yes, I said cactus. Weapons break after heavy usage, so make sure you’re prepared. I still haven’t mastered the bow or any of the throwing weapons to be completely honest…

Battling your way through the ever changing dungeon let’s you encounter skills.  (Either through a selection room, after defeating enemies or at a café.) And yes, these can be stacked! If you’ve used a skill enough times in the dungeons you can unlock it as an “Endorsed Skill”. You’re able to set an Endorsed Skill before you enter an dungeon, that way it’ll already be equipped!

Obviously your bosses also have certain tasks for you. Performing these successfully incurs their favour, which leads to handy bonuses, such as a earning extra money when you defeat enemies, or being able to spend more money than you actually have! (Okay, that last one isn’t the most helpful as it creates a ball and chain that increases in size depending on the amount of debt you have and honestly speed is really something you need in this dungeon, unless you want to be a sitting duck.)

Graphics, Sound, and Performance

Both colourful in charterers and surroundings, this game is a treat for the eye. With popping colours, especially in the dungeons where you’re actually able to discern everything. And every dungeon has its own colour scheme.

Every dungeon has its own enjoyable tune. Which is totally inviting you to explore every one of them.

I haven’t experienced any problems performance wise. The game runs smooth on the Switch, both in handheld mode and docked.


Yes, prepare to die many times in these dungeons, just to have you get familiar with that fail screen describing how you weren’t able to complete your task. Bad intern!  Every time you enter the dungeon a new layout is created, so you’ll never know what to expect. And the enemies are actually good.

Now if you’re thinking this is all a bit too difficult for you, then don’t worry. You can also choose to play the game with the Assist Options. These let you start the game with extra hearts, lower enemy health, etc. Thus ensuring you’re still able to enjoy the game.


If you’re looking for an entertaining dungeon crawler, then do I have good news, ’cause this is it! With its ever changing layout and engaging monsters this game will keep you entertained for many hours. It’s also ideal for a short exploration while you have some minutes to spare. The vibrant colours and chill music complete the ensemble.

Fun dungeon crawler that will leave you wanting more.

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