Sony Release Free Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4

As part of the campaign against racial inequality, Sony has released a free Black Lives Matter theme on the PlayStation 4 in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The theme, which you can see below, features a black background with a yellow fist emblazoned on it and three horizontal yellow stripes. Inside each stripe is a single line of the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

You can download the PS4 theme via the European or North American PS Store, the PlayStation App or on your computer when signed into your PS account.

The movement, which was formed to protest against racial injustice and police brutality worldwide, has also seen support from several game studios over the past year including Respawn Entertainment, Valve, and Bungie, with the latter showing support for the movement on its website by selling pins with all proceeds going to the Equal Justice Initiative. Both FIFA 20 and Gears 5 added in-game messages supporting BLM.

Back in June, Microsoft pledged $1.5 million to the Black Lives Matter Foundation, Equal Justice Initiative, Innocent Project, The Leadership Conference, Minnesota Freedom Fund and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund while Square Enix, donated $250,000 towards the fight against racism, prejudice, and hate.

The free PS4 theme is another way the industry is responding to such an important social movement.

For more ways to support the movement other than displaying it on your console, check out Black Lives Matter: Here’s what you can do to help

Source: Sony

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